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A point when you credit cards are maxed and you don't have sex
Wow this marriage sucks!
by GACAE May 13, 2010
A date that got out of hands.
Our marriage killed all the passion.
by El Burlador de Sevilla July 23, 2009
Only one goal of a love which destroys love forever.
I'm about to find the goal and about to destroy it.
by Damat July 09, 2005
"creating perpetual debt all in the name of ancient tradition and a bogus unrealistic institution"
Spending tons of money on a marriage party
by trebills December 06, 2009
The last legal form of slavery.....
Marriage.....just say no.
by westwoman January 18, 2009
A failing institution people believe will seal their love for each other, or help cut their taxes.
First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes debt, arguing, divorce.
by definingmyworld September 22, 2008
A religious civil union of two persons;
A legal union for the protection of children
In most European countries, no religious ceremony is recognized by the state. (True separation of church and state.) Therefore, all church weddings occur only after a state ceremony.
In the Netherlands, even gays may marry by the state even though the church doesn't recognize it.
After a couple's marriage, all children born are considered to have automatic declaration of paternity.
by anne treasure, St. Croix, VI September 06, 2007