The official permission to have sex.
- U know, I'm 18+, but my parents still don't let me to have sex comfortably, this is sick.
- Don't worry babe, they just need the City
Hall's permission.
- Yeah, maybe marriage is the best thing 4 me.
by Ena Sasha Regina February 07, 2009
a union of 2 persons to the exclusion of all others..
dude, that dude is getting married with another dude!
by Dee June 29, 2005
MEANINGLESS; if people believed in the unification of two people, then there would not be a concept practiced known as DIVORECE.
1. Marriage is a poor attempt to be socially acceptable by the high-class.

2. Benefits=the only good thing you get out of marriage.
by MadamJo August 14, 2004
usually refers to when you sign a contract with a phone company in order to buy an iPhone, etc for way less. It means you have to stay with them for three years or pay loads of money to buy out. You can only upgrade after 20 months into your contract or just buy a new phone at full price. It's like a marriage because your stuck with them if you don't want to cough up a big sum to get out of it.
guy: "My marriage to Verizon is finally over!"
by MarriageContract September 17, 2011
The unfortunate act when a man marries a woman and she takes control of his life; taking his money, breaking his spirit and watching him beg for some change at her feet.
Man: With this ring I thee wed

Woman: With this ring I thee OWN

Thus concludes the marriage and the man can only run to the end of his leash and bark
by MySister April 08, 2008
Game over.
My uncle Joseph got married yesterday. Instead of having his usual fun time down at the club, he had to spend time with his wife. Little did he know that this was going to last forever. This would eventually turn into a horror story, he had kids that he had to take care of. They hated him, he hated them, the wife hated them, they just couldn't figure out what to do. Finally, she had enough and decided to divorce him. This was the end of his life because she took everything he had because he didn't have a prenuptial agreement and he lost everything to her, and he had to keep the kids. He eventually killed himself in an alleyway because he had no home and society called him a failure when they took away his kids because he simply could not raise them with his very low income. The moral of the story? Marriage is outdated and family should be outlawed.
by superlizard234 August 08, 2011
In other words, legalized fucking.
You can't have sex until marriage! God has the right to dictate when, how, and whom you fuck with!
by Fleursdelily February 23, 2010

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