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A special right that's generally reserved for heterosexuals.
Britnery Spears was allowed to enter the holy state of marriage for an entire 55 hours because she's heterosexual and thus brings honor to the sacred tradition.
by Billy December 04, 2004
966 481
The time when a pair leaves the home. Of course I am referring to the testicles leaving the man as he loses all masculinity and lives out the worst part of his life as his wifes bitch.
Friend: You wanna go to the game tomorrow?
Married man: hold on let me check with the wife, I think she wanted to go to pottery barn tomorrow.
Marriage sucks
by Webbz February 16, 2010
21 9
A point when you credit cards are maxed and you don't have sex
Wow this marriage sucks!
by GACAE May 13, 2010
16 5
A date that got out of hands.
Our marriage killed all the passion.
by El Burlador de Sevilla July 23, 2009
21 10
Only one goal of a love which destroys love forever.
I'm about to find the goal and about to destroy it.
by Damat July 09, 2005
64 53
"creating perpetual debt all in the name of ancient tradition and a bogus unrealistic institution"
Spending tons of money on a marriage party
by trebills December 06, 2009
18 9
The last legal form of slavery.....
Marriage.....just say no.
by westwoman January 18, 2009
32 24
A failing institution people believe will seal their love for each other, or help cut their taxes.
First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes debt, arguing, divorce.
by definingmyworld September 22, 2008
32 24