A special right that's generally reserved for heterosexuals.
Britnery Spears was allowed to enter the holy state of marriage for an entire 55 hours because she's heterosexual and thus brings honor to the sacred tradition.
by Billy December 04, 2004
The triumph of imagination over intelligence.
Please don't ask me about my marriage.
by Ecliptic November 22, 2003
A matrimonial state as defined by:

1) Females: "Marriage is the opportunity for two souls to be legally bound together so that they can share their innermost thoughts and feelings while creating the most perfect life together."

2) Males: "Wow, a chick to take care of me like my mother used to - but with the added bonus of sex!"
See marriage definition above.
by Loxi July 19, 2009
A sure way to kill 95% of a woman's sex drive.
Justine and I usta make like rabbits all the time. Now after marrying her I'm lucky to get laid one or two times a week.
by Amos Bwatt September 16, 2004
1)The root cause of divorce.
2)The most successful wealth transfer scheme ever invented.
3)A contract-that if presented to you by an agent/lawyer-would
be sufficient grounds for a legal malpractice suit.
4)One sure way that the state can stay involved in your
5)The point at which regular good sex stops...and infrequent
sex for procreation,manipulation,and/or passive-aggressive
destruction begins.
6)An institution that should be scrapped in favor of 1-3-5
year contracts...Not that you'll be any happier.
Marriage is wonderful.I can see why gay couples want to share in the experience.
by L.MARTIN July 05, 2006
In the USA: Legalized slavery for men. Legalized "you can do no wrong" for women.
Marriage gave her all of the power and me all of the responsibility. If I spoke out against this, I was a rapist or a murderer. I guess I am forced to stay married or go to jail and lose my house and kids.

by jethro January 03, 2006
a legal agreement that allows a woman to kill a man by torturing.
i am not experienced but my parents are
by kul June 11, 2005
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