What straight couples have legally and commonly don't want, and what gay couples don't have legally and commonly want.
Irony in the first degree.
by raspberry (lust) muffin May 27, 2005
Gods personal promise that men will meet their own demise
Doctor: this man looks like hes suffered by long term poverty and a life time devotion to his family, it appears he has been under alot of pressure

Nurse: So what has this man died of Doctor

Doctor: Six kids, a wife and poverty its obvious this man has died of Marriage
by blashada October 17, 2012
What men often find themselves pressured into doing in order to reproduce. It will become obsolete the day that men are able to have sons by cloning themselves.
Frank Sinatra Junior never quite had his dad's talent. Too bad old blue eyes couldn't've clones himself to avoid Marriage. On the other hand, without Marriage we'd never have gotten Nancy Sinatra, babe extraordinaire.
by Red Sam Black May 09, 2012
1) The formal recognition of the fact that people want to be with each other, in a romantic manner.

2) (in some cultures) the formal recognition of the fact that people's parents want their children to be with each other, in a romantic manner.

3) (among many conservatives) Some unspecified thing that's between a man and a woman. (They keep insisting on this definition to the exclusion of others.)

4) (among many liberals) Some unspecified thing that's between two people, not necessarily a man and a woman.

5) An excuse for politics.
If marriage is between a man and a woman, can someone please tell me who the man is and who the woman is? I'd like to see it. For all we know, it may be some creature that looks like a giraffe.
by Ricky the Nudnik February 06, 2012
much less sex to the woman the man loves.

the woman chops her beautiful long hair.
"even though we have a new marriage, does not give you the selection to slice your hair off.
by pnamajck November 01, 2010
when one destroys their life by choice
marriage is for morons
by 542346546434534 September 18, 2010
1. A bond shared by a man and a woman, 2 men, or 2 women.
2. A ceremony celebrated by many religions as a holy covenant.
1. Hey me and girlfriend are going to enter the bonds of marriage soon.
2. A Wiccan marriage is known as a handfasting.
by ajnachakraguy June 22, 2009
See definition for FAILURE
Use your imagination it's marriage.
by SuperSanchez September 03, 2005

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