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What straight couples have legally and commonly don't want, and what gay couples don't have legally and commonly want.
Irony in the first degree.
by raspberry (lust) muffin May 27, 2005
Marriage isn't a word. It's a sentence.
Marriage is part of the penal code. It's a sacrifice, which is why in the past it used to be done at an altar.
by Lidless November 08, 2009
the best prison ever invented by female subjects for total control over the male population
blah blah, theysayineedanexample(marriage)
by aquaticâ„¢ April 02, 2007
The process in which the evil robot race known as "women" enslave men for eternity. This process includes many practices like exchanging two silver bands and placing them upon each others fingers, exchanging something called "vows" declaring the loyalty to the other party. This process can also be called "moving to Albuquerque" or "putting on the ball and chain" after this process is complete the woman begins to slowly suck the life out of the man over the years till nothing remains but an obedient shell of what used to be a good friend of yours.
"did you hear? Dave got married!"

"dude, marriage sucks"
by ReptarKingOfTheOzone June 16, 2009
Find a woman you really dislike, then buy her a house.
Marriage - a relationship between married people or the period for which it lasts.
by bronco2121 July 19, 2009
A point when you credit cards are maxed and you don't have sex
Wow this marriage sucks!
by GACAE May 13, 2010
A legal union between two people that should not be committed until either person is, at least, in their 30's. Because, let's face it, nobody knows what the hell they want before then.
Sweetie, are you sure you don't want to wait a few more years for marriage? You are only 27 and that guy is a total asshole!
by Wynona'sbigbrownbeaver April 13, 2009
The time when a pair leaves the home. Of course I am referring to the testicles leaving the man as he loses all masculinity and lives out the worst part of his life as his wifes bitch.
Friend: You wanna go to the game tomorrow?
Married man: hold on let me check with the wife, I think she wanted to go to pottery barn tomorrow.
Marriage sucks
by Webbz February 16, 2010
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