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What straight couples have legally and commonly don't want, and what gay couples don't have legally and commonly want.
Irony in the first degree.
by raspberry (lust) muffin May 27, 2005
A union of two lovers.
Those two guys love each other. Hopefully Bush won't try to ban their marriage.
by MiamiFinFan4Life June 28, 2004
just like drugs don't do it
Jon: His life is screwed.
Steven: Why?
Jon: He got married
Steven: Man, Marriage sucks.
by #1 jason marz fan April 17, 2009
a religious ceremony binding the lives of a man and a woman in love together for the remaining duration of their lives; modern stipulation states that gays/lesbians should be able to marry, however the controversy is law redefining a religious practice
... to join this man and this woman together in holy matrimony.
by P4|<1574N November 04, 2004
synonym: becoming Celibate
Have you read about that "celibacy by choice" fad that is going around?

Yes, now that I'm married, my wife is choosing it for me.
by Big D March 12, 2004
when a man decides its time to be your 2nd father
"where have you been until midnight"
by etlkj November 14, 2003
Social event whereby the male (having proposed an engagement to the female) places a ceremonial ring on the female's finger, showing his "claim" to her. He does this usually in the (misinformed) interest of having sex on a more regular basis.
Well, when we're married we'll do it more often...right?"
by MaxL August 30, 2003
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