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The most happening town in Michigan. If you're from here, you are either a hick or a pothead, either way you probably have pot in your closet.

Home of Bertolini... the Italian ass kicker.
I live in marne.
by Dan Bertonlini January 20, 2004
A river in Germany
Acronym My Ass Reaming Never Ends 3ID
A position of being bent over by the third infantry division
A command while in formation
Squad MARNE position move
by Kraftypatties December 04, 2004
A small town in West Michigan that has one bar, one post office, a pizza joint, and a sort of famous racetrack- the Berlin Raceway. Not all that live here are potheads or hicks- just simple folk that tend to like the quiet countryside around them.

And no one cares that "the great" Berto-whatever lives here. It is however, the home town of Johnny Benson- the not so great race car driver.
Ya know- Marne. Rhymes with Barn... The highway exits between the Coopersville dump and Grand Rapids.
by inkblot98 March 17, 2011