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I find it hilarious when people say MARILYN MANSON IS GOD!! If they were true Manson fans, they would know that he opposes the idea of god and organized religion. Nonetheless, he is one of the sexiest people ever - best musician too. Oh, and he IS a reverend of satanism, but, for those of you who are too busy sticking your heads in your asses, that does NOT mean that he worships satan. That's NOT what satanism is about. Marilyn Manson IS a goth - goths arent the stereotypical antisocialites, goth is a frame of mind... Marilyn Manson cannot be defined, he simply IS, so go fuck yourselves.
By posting your misguided definitions of Marilyn Manson, you are doing exactly what he wants you to do, and he is proving that you too are sheep... just like the goddamn christians.
by danielle September 29, 2004
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