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A small country school of hillbilly bitches and dicks. where if it snows half an inch you'll have school off because they cant afford a damn plow and their cow said so. if there isnt hay up your ass there you might as well just leave. also the stark country fair is like prom to them. They think their all bad ass when really we all know its just an act to make them look tough as a school when it comes to sports or anything else cuz they might have some black people that go to their school (not being rasict its the truth). people say that louisville is their biggest rival but the thing is there cant be a rivalry when louisville always kicks their ass so hard.the girls know how to give handys from all the practice on their cows, the reason why so many of them are prego, lil whores. so if you want to fuck up your life go to marlington
kid from marlington-"what's that machine right der?"
kid from anywhere else-"that's a car."
kid from marlington-"man thats way faster then my tractor!"
kid from anywhere else-"your fucking stupid you embarassment to life."

-marlington ohio
by bad ass soccer bitches March 20, 2011

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