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A business term used to describe how a free-market economy balances itself after extreme events run their course like a rising stocks after a recession or the real estate bubble burst. The word crossed over into everyday use to similarly describe when one's fortune or luck changes, for bad or good, changing the course of daily life.
Bob: Last summer I was was nailing babes left and right. Now that I'm back at college...nothing!

Pete: Ah, well, you're not that attractive or interesting. You just had a lucky streak. You were due for a market correction. Consider yourself forntunate if any girl even talks to you, bro!

Pete: I was just promoted at work! I've been wasting my talents there for WEEKS, but the VP just quit and they promoted me to replace him. Guess I was due for a market correction, huh? How's the girl situation, Bob?

Bob: I hate you.
by Tenacious Faulker August 20, 2009
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