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wooden, lifeless doll manipulated by hidden string pullers who put words in his mouth while living vicariously through his actions
"At least Al Gore can pop a woody, unlike that Texas marionette"
by Laura Bush April 28, 2003
A booger that is dangling on a stray nose hair so it looks as if it is floating in your nostril, moving with every breath.
I let my cousin Rich know that he had a marionette before he had to give the toast at Beth's wedding.
by CocoSantango August 16, 2010
Similar in form to the Dutch Rutter; however in this instance a string or ribbon is attached to the a person's arm/hand. The person with the string attached holds their penis in their hand; while doing so, the other person tugs on the string thus working the puppet.
She wouldn't give me a hand job, but she gave me an excellent marionette last night.
by jmbisme April 17, 2011
When the girl you are banging goes limp and flails around like a marionette with every thrust
I fucked her so hard she went marionette on me, but I kept going
by iknowthetop10ofeverything October 27, 2010
whilst getting head from a chick, pull out of her mouth and cum in her hair. now grab the sticky hair between your fingers and pull up, thus imitating a puppeteer!
That girl was pretty pissed when I gave her the Marionette last night.
by BlingoBill June 13, 2010
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