Italian plumber who spends most of his days jumping on turtles, walking mushrooms, saving princesses, eating spaghetti and such in a very amusing manner. This has made him a multi-millionaire and his own long running series of successful video games based on his life. He also coined the catchphrase "mamma mia!" Though it had been used by Abba, Don Corleone, and a legion of stereotypical italians before him. He can also jump 10 feet high, which is a supreme triumph for anyone with an ass as fat as his.
"Mamma mia, Donkey Kong, how wasa youa famous before a Mario!?"
#shigeru miyamoto #italy #plumbing #sphagetti #luigi #yoshi #bad moustaches
by Parz July 27, 2006
An Ecuadorian boy at the barber shop that specializes in male pubic hair styling. He is usually uses anti-crab shampoo first because he would not want you to get crabs that live on his penis. His favorite type of pubic hair styling is the Monty Python where he sucks your penis and then uses the saliva on it as a gel to comb your hair into a workable medium. He then proceeds to cut an exact replica of Monty Python on your pubes. He does not charge because he states he was given the chance to suck on your penis and give it a trim at the same time. He also takes the pubes shaven off of you to a Bosley Medical center, where they are grafted into his hair to cover up his balding spots.
Teddy: Check out the stylin' Monty Python I just got from Mario!
Claire: How much did it cost??
Teddy: Its free because he's an illegal immigrant!
#mario #pubes #monty #python #bosley #medical #center
by Itest March 05, 2009
The act of one upping somebody.
Dude, I was working out with Bill the other day, and I was benching 150 but then he marioed me and benched 160.
#one up #beat #dominate #owned #pwned
by j01101010 February 04, 2007
Little short pudgy ass pizza making plumbing looking mutherfucking italian whose brother luigi should get all the hoes and beat his ass but is upstaged by this Giovanni looking muthafucka.
"It's a me Mario... Fuck You You bitch nigga mario... BANS
#mario #bitch #fag #hoe #super mario #hoe ass nigga
by lickitty split February 14, 2008
a giant douchebag
That kid just called you fat. He's such a Mario
#jerk #asshole #dick #bitch #major dick
by wordmaster1000 April 12, 2010
In a competitive video game, the standard playable character whose attributes are completely balanced, making him or her extremely boring to play. A Mario is usually the main character of the game and a measuring stick for the skill of a player, if anything.
Ryu doesn't have a lot of either speed or power. He's the Mario of the Street Fighter series.
#multiplayer game #balanced #super mario #average character #n00b-friendly
by I liek mudkipz October 27, 2007
to jump over something unlikely to get to something insignificant.
Can you believe how that fat ass marioed over those tables to get to the vending machine?
#jumped #leaped #hop #skip #jump-over
by extraz February 12, 2006
1)A Mexican dishwasher guy working in the back of a restaurant who's constantly getting wet thinking of other guys in the vicinity.
2)A woman born with two small balls in the pubic area.
3)A man who inherited 23 homosexual chromosomes from a gay sperm cell.
Scientists are investigating how a gay sperm cell ended up fertilizing a female egg. This phenomenom is called the Mario, since most gay sperm cells only survive inside a male's ass.
#gay #homosexual #fag #queer #homo
by James502949 September 02, 2008
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