Italian plumber who spends most of his days jumping on turtles, walking mushrooms, saving princesses, eating spaghetti and such in a very amusing manner. This has made him a multi-millionaire and his own long running series of successful video games based on his life. He also coined the catchphrase "mamma mia!" Though it had been used by Abba, Don Corleone, and a legion of stereotypical italians before him. He can also jump 10 feet high, which is a supreme triumph for anyone with an ass as fat as his.
"Mamma mia, Donkey Kong, how wasa youa famous before a Mario!?"
by Parz July 27, 2006
Mario was a carpenter in his days, but now he's just a pimp-ass plumber with a younger brother that often get's ignored. He is a Superstar in Mushroom Kingdom just because he saved the princess a couple of times (big deal). His brother, Luigi, always stays watching over the home (on the other hand, who would be stupid enough to rob Mario and Luigi's hut?).
Peach: "Mario, you're my hero!"
Mario: "Shut the fuck up-a and a-start sucking-a like it a-is macaroni!"
by Rentarn November 26, 2005
to suck a dick more then once!
that girl gives a lot of marios
by 465464654+7898 May 26, 2009
Someone weird ass Hero of Hyrule or something or other that no one has ever heard about.
*Reading magazine article on video games*
Who is this, Mario, you speak of?
by Gnile18 December 08, 2010
a italian plumber that kills turtles and gets high on mushrooms making him think he can grow 10 feet tall or turn into other stupid things as ghost that was developed by a japanese guy in the 80's
me and my friend went mario after eating bout 100 mushrroms
by 2bluepokemon December 06, 2008
An awesome singer. Mostly known for his hit song "Let Me Love You" which was released in early 2005. His second album, Turning Point, went double platinum. He has two billboard awards: Hot 100 Song of the Year and R&B/hip-hop Song of the Year. He is nominated for two Grammy's: Best Contemporary R&B Album and Best Male R&B Vocal Performance.
Mario singing:
You should let me love you
Let me be the one to
Give you everything you want and need...
by Kristina Shands December 10, 2005
Blonde, cute guy with big blue eyes. He's not a bad person, he will always be there when you need him, boyfriend material, very sensitive and loving, but he's very good at hurting the people he loves.
"did you see Mario today?"
"Oh god yeah he's so cute"
by This girl who loves him November 05, 2011
An Ecuadorian boy at the barber shop that specializes in male pubic hair styling. He is usually uses anti-crab shampoo first because he would not want you to get crabs that live on his penis. His favorite type of pubic hair styling is the Monty Python where he sucks your penis and then uses the saliva on it as a gel to comb your hair into a workable medium. He then proceeds to cut an exact replica of Monty Python on your pubes. He does not charge because he states he was given the chance to suck on your penis and give it a trim at the same time. He also takes the pubes shaven off of you to a Bosley Medical center, where they are grafted into his hair to cover up his balding spots.
Teddy: Check out the stylin' Monty Python I just got from Mario!
Claire: How much did it cost??
Teddy: Its free because he's an illegal immigrant!
by Itest March 05, 2009

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