Birkenstock-wearing, latte sipping, tree-hugging, Mercedes Benz driving people.

99% of Marinites watched Al Gore's, "Inconvieniant Truth."
by skateNinvestNstocks June 16, 2007
Top Definition
Native of a secluded area on the mellow side of a famous bridge. Lives on a houseboat in Sausalito, or in a cliff-clinging edifice screened from view by steam from the hot tub. Preferred transportation is sailboat, bicycle, BMW or jogging shoe. Enjoys days on the bay, natural food, Ramos Fizz brunches, good neighbors and sunsets over Mt. Tam. Wants it all now, but will settle for a reasonable amount & monthly payments. Has endured floods, peacock feathers and mudslides on the Waldo, but would never live anywhere else.
Having lived anywhere else, a real marinite will always come home.
by Real Marinite May 17, 2012
Resident of Marin County, California. A "spiritual" hack, and universally authoritarian. Blames America first, especially when Republicans are in power. Invariably self-obsessed with an obscene sense of entitlement. Penchant for plastic surgery. Bemoans the rich despite being a firmly entrenched member of said socioeconomic class.
Sean Penn is a Marinite.
by Trevelbond May 18, 2011
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