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The only people to get the job done right.
Hey, you don't see the Army protecting the President of the United States.. do yah?

didn't think so..
by marines for life!! April 18, 2004
1252 597
The baddest mother fuckers available, will kill any OPFOR without question.this dumbass runnin his mouth about the Corps doesent know shit, considering you need to graduate high school to join the Marines and air force, while the bitch ass army will take any retarded drop out.
That Marine over there will straight fuck you up if you decide to run your mouth
by USMCBABY August 19, 2007
1305 747
“The Marines I have seen around the world have the cleanest bodies, the filthiest minds, the highest morale, and the lowest morals of any group of animals I have ever seen. Thank God for the United States Marine Corps!”
-Eleanor Roosevelt
Cant help but love those Damn Marines!
by USNCC May 14, 2007
591 141
A Person trained for 13 weeks to be better than anyone believed they could. A Person with the Courage, Honor, and Commitment of 10 people. A Person who is Always Faithful to thier country. A person trained with the jobs of 4 average soilders. A Person willing to give thier life for liberty. A Person who can salute the American flag after haveing both legs blown off for it. But most important a person able to kill anyone and anything who stands against them. A Person who no longer can be called a person but rather a Leather-Neck, a TWC (Terrorist Welcomeing Commitee), or Devil-Dog.
Army:"One Marine just took out 27 insurgents by himself after loseing both legs and 3 fingers!"
Navy:"Your pretty cute for someone who spends so much time on land ;)"
AirForce:"Anybody wanna ride outta here?"
by Unorganized Shit Mass Confusion October 11, 2007
905 479
Soldiers that are trained in amphibious attacks and warfare.
United States Marine Corps
by CP July 16, 2003
771 425
The ones who actually have to do the dirty work when the government goes to war. They are renowned for being the toughest, and for acting on order without question.
The President may have ordered the strike, but the Marines are the ones who will die for it.
by Shard April 21, 2005
564 224
The few, the proud.
People who aren't paid to think but to do.
The worst recruiting hours known to man.
In old sailing days, the guys who used to jump across ships and takeover another vessel.
Trained extremely better than the Army... (Look at the casualties of Iraq).
Victims of reindeer games on ships via the hard working sailor, (the sad thing is, they fall for it everytime).

Muscles Are Required Intelligence Not Essential
My Ass Rides In Navy Equipment

That marine just ran through a minefield!!! He wasn't paid to think.
by Randomus August 12, 2006
630 438