An sexy, nice, brilliant girl who either cannot be with the one she loves, or is rejected by the one she loves.
-That girl last night should have been named Marina, she was so incredibly cool man!

-Yeah i could tell!
by April 06, 2009
A pizza faced whore who likes to blow every guy she meets.
Hey did Marina just blow you?
by McNoodlez November 26, 2010
A very special slut that enjoys blowing multiple people and having unprotected sex.
What a marina.
I can't believe her, she is such a marina.
by girlie21 May 21, 2010
A most amazing person with kool hair and an awsome smile ^_^
One of the koolest friends ever!
Gose by rina!
Did you see marina today?
omgah yeah wasn't her hair kool?
by Alice Edwards December 08, 2008
the best girl to ever live
funny, creative, energetic, and caring all at the same time
a crazy maniac who gets hype all the time
some might say she's a druggy
"Marina is my best friend"
"yea we hang after school getting it done"
by roxmiworld360 December 07, 2008
1. A place to dock yachts

2. An incredibly cool, sexy, intelligent girl who has unfortunately been rejected by the man she loves.
1. I'd love to dock my boat in that Marina

2. *wishful thinking* I'd love to dock my boat in that Marina!
by Kitty_1992 December 15, 2005
a port for yachts
or a very cool girl
ive never seen such a big marina....
by pineappleyum August 19, 2005

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