a place where you keep the boats
Don't park your car in the marina!
by SuaveSoothsayer July 26, 2009
a disgusting Jew who doesn't know when to hop off someones dick. especially when he has a gf. she's akward and tall and sh'es ugly and jewish. no one likes her and they think she's two faced and she needs to get over herself. she is the type of person who annoys your boyfriend and tries to flirt with him. you don't want to make friends with this person.
ew, marina tried to get with my boyfriend last night, i'm gonna have to tell her off.
by happygirlll June 07, 2011
Very strong and powerful in using this word. She is not what she appears to be. Stay away from Emotep (Marina's real name) she is LOCO!!!
Hey whats up Marina? nothing bro i just got in trouble.. for what? DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOODE this bitch copied me and said i copied here... That sucks... I know now imma drop out of school and open a taco truck in keyes or ceres!!! and imma call it MARINAS TACOS
by marina9000001 December 07, 2010
an amazing girl who is easy to fall in love with but doesnt know what shes got, shy and humble shes always considerate of others yet she never settles for anything short of the best
Oh, that Marina is so crazy
by justin242 November 28, 2005
A sweet girl, that likes to speak her mind. Isn't afraid of anything. Is usually unique and different than everyone else. Is loving. Has a amazing sense of Music.
Oh, i love that Marina girl
by Lala.Via October 08, 2008
A fat bitch whore that was beaten with multiple ugly, fat sticks. She likes to suck dick for a small fee. She also steals your man by telling him lies. Stay away from Marinas. They're cunt-bags. They have multiple vagina-dick diseases. They think they have big asses and are the skinniest people in the world but they're fat and have mushy asses. They go 'low'. They have pug faces and small boobs. People only like them because they will do anything, ANYTHING. They particularly like little white and mexican boys by the names of Luke and Fabricio.
Fabricio; Dayum, i got some marina last night.
Luke; uh, really? ME TOOOOO!
Fabricio; Shiiiiiiiiit. Now we both have genital warts.
Luke; FUUUCKKK Aisha's gon' kill me now.
by Biiiiiiiiiiitch. May 28, 2011
An sexy, nice, brilliant girl who either cannot be with the one she loves, or is rejected by the one she loves.
-That girl last night should have been named Marina, she was so incredibly cool man!

-Yeah i could tell!
by vincent.u.should.look.at.this April 06, 2009

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