An alien-breeding, guitar-playing, sexified species of unicorn.
"It's amazing how talented that Marina is."
by MonsterrMuffans November 14, 2011
A stunning female.
Intelligent and quirky.
Overachiever, always wants to be the best.
Has a gorgeous body; skinny yet curvy.
Has an amazing personality, and a contagious smile.
Marina Diamandis.
by sorrymarilyn June 16, 2013
a sexy smart nice crazy girl!! quiet in school with occasional little cat fights but outside if school she is so hyper! usually a pale, blue eyed, red head. easy to get along with and every guy loves her. single alot because she waits for the right guy.
guy 1: who is that new girl?
guy 2: idk but she is fineee.
guy 3: but shes really quiet..
guy 4: you mean the red head?
guy 1: yeah.
guy 4: that's my sister, Marina, and she is anything but quiet...
by babyyboyyy May 28, 2011
A girl that loves cat and was born by the sea. True story, look it up.
Person: "Hey Marina, how many cats do you have?"

Marina: "50."
by marina2992 May 11, 2011
The coolest person in the world. She can be really cheap sometimes cause she loves her money more than she loves everyone else. She's also a good cupid. Some people know her as 'n00b' or 'Marine' and she can see the future, so be careful.
Marina doesn't want to buy me tickets to go see Roger Waters, but I like her anyway.
by onewayticketyeh October 30, 2011
One of Newton abbots most desired specimens, much more so than Nia Oxburgh. This majestic creature towers over the peasants of rafters and controls small industries such as "locomotive" and "jolly farmer". She is a generous being, who spent a year in Mongolia tending for various goats and carrying the goats on her back when they could no longer go struggle on. She is genetically engineered to hatch eggs for anus-less chickens, which is worldly recognised as bein reem. So don't be jel. She is the don.
"Marina is king"
by Olivia Belliss November 03, 2011
Marina means lazy cakebaking princess. You can find them in the woods of northern California, Humboldt. which explains a lot of the definition. Marinas are rarely seen outside of their lair because of getting baking. getting baking...many have tried to find one but they get lost in the woods of Humboldt and are never seen again, because they find mushrooms instead. A Marinas baking consist of rad! candy crush cakes and katy perry. Marinas love Disney and some have been known to capture Winnie the Poo and use his sweetness on the cakes.
yo marina have you gotten any sun?? Marina - "wtf is sun? you want some cake vodka?"
by you'rewelcome. September 13, 2013

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