Did you see that Marina?
Yeah shes so cool.
by staytrue2you August 31, 2011
Marina is a very confident girl who is very beautiful but does not realise it herself. She's very vibrant, daring, competitive and polite but has a tenancy to talk about one behind their back. She excels in almost everything but is superior in the arts, especially art itself. Her best friends will most likely be people exactly the same to her, or exactly the opposite. Marina's tend to pick friends just as competitive as them but also very trustworthy friends, they should stay clear of those who encourage the Marina's habit to talk about people.
"Marina's so amazing at everything."
"I know I'm so jealous."
by A good friendheg December 20, 2011
chill, down to earth, funny, sweet young thang, single ,
yo' that chick marina can rap <333
by mmmoss123 July 07, 2011
Marina is a very beautiful girls name. Anyone with the name Marina is the coolest person in the world!

A girl that is absolutely stunning and has the body of a Godess with plenty of boobs and ass. She has a very lovable nature and once you get to know here you will wonder where she has been all your life.

Marina's are fun, lovable, kind, dirty minded, hot, beautiful, crazy, gorgeous and down to earth! This type of girl deserves to be unconditionally loved and treated like a princess at all times :)
Alex: I know this smokeing hot ginga in my Accounting 101 class, gawd daym shes fine!

Ryan: O yer, have i seen her?

Alex: Fuck yer, shes that stunner that rocked the Blue dress in the Business School

Ryan: O yer, Man shes a Babe!

Alex: Yer thats Marina :)
by Mr A Wright June 07, 2011
Name for the most beautiful Croatian Princess. Dark haird and full of love. To see her is to be instantly brought up even from the deepest pits of despare and sorrow. She can delight even the meanest person with her dancing.

Marina's love soup chocolate and Chevape.

Her voice usually sounds like angels singing. Marina's are usually fobby enough to be extreamly cute without it being annoying. She is kind tender and gentle. with a vigorous sexual appitite. usually brought on by the consumption of Alcohol especially Gin. If you are lucky enough to have met a Marina you would never forget her.
Dancing the stress away is so Marina.

Marina thinks thats very Goot!

Marina will not drink Gypsy pivo!
by Jasethemountainman September 23, 2011
A seaside town in Monterey County California of about 25,000.
Has both Marina State Beach and Fort Ord Dunes State Park. Nearby is CSU Monterey Bay and Monterey.
The best part of Marina is how close it is to the beaches!
by utala50 March 02, 2011
The perfect girl, who carries my soul. She's got the most shining and beautiful smile and eyes, her presence makes me forget any problem. She is brave and vivid and has a lot of passion. The perfect combination of "sexy" and "cute". My little girl.
I love you Marina.
by L.A.S. rs April 12, 2013

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