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sex toy, or fake skin to play with.
he played with his marin all night
by caffeine_man May 17, 2006
106 145
A Marin is a Japanese Girl
"She's Japanese? Then she's a Marin!"
by LYL October 31, 2007
35 76
The most ghetto ass place in the bay
from Marin City to the San Rafeal
right across the bridge from SFC
home of the rappers Dobad and Kos
reppin the bay
"shit man i went to marin last night
that place is a fucking jungle"
by Godumb December 24, 2007
64 119
Any place where it seems there are many white people, particularly blondes.

A reference to the city directly accross the Golden Gate Bridge, Marin

person1: oh man! That golf course is totally Marin, not one nonwhite person in sight.

perosn 2: well, aren't you white?

person 3: Yeah, but he lives in the city..completely different

by noelleth mckitty pants August 11, 2006
62 126