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Popular American male make-up model who can be best described as industrial-for-retarded-folk, or shock-rock-that's-never-really-shocking-but-sometimes-cool. Gains popularity by having a few good songs while milking the whole hating-christianity-makes-you-semi-famous thing of the 90's. Got breast implants to try to shock more people, but musically-knowledgeable people know that Genesis P. Orridge did that already (and it made more sense in his case).

People claim he's goth (although I'm sure Manson doesn't claim so), which pisses off people who listen to Bauhaus.

Senseless profanity coupled with awesome stage-presence.
Marilyn Manson burned a bible on-stage, he must mean business!

Marilyn Manson pissed on the audience at a show. He must mean business!

Marilyn Manson purchased a Chinese skeleton of a child. How shocking. He must mean business!

Marilyn Manson got breast implants. He must mean bu-(busts up laughing).

Guy 1: Marilyn Manson is the next Alice Cooper!

Guy 2: *smacks Guy1 upside head*
by lingojac March 16, 2009
Marilyn Manson was born Brian Hugh Warner in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. He grew up in Canton, Ohio with much difficulty being bullied by jocks. He since then has become an amazing singer for a band who derives their names from female icons and serial killers. His new album 'The High End of Low' was released on May 26, 2009 with such hits as Four Rusted Horses, Leave a Scar, Pretty as a ($) and Arma-goddamn-motherfuckin'-geddon. While believed to be a minister of the church of Satan, his morals are in fact mostly Christian and positive but for some reason not accepted to be that way by society. His music is to help troubled people (especially teens) deal with feelings and emotions that overcome them, and does not promote violence! He is a self-proclaimed Anti Christ Superstar, and still tours after 15+ years.
by Syxteen August 29, 2009
A misunderstood and quite smart "shock-rocker" that formed his own band, where all the members take the first name of a famous female actoress/singer and the last name of a serial killer.

Due to the image Marilyn Manson potrays, he and his band gain a lot of negativety, which is also due to he and his band's individuality, as it is far from mainstream metal and trails off further from the Industrial genre itself.
He is quite aware of his image and what it potrays. but why change it when he has such a large number of fan who simply enjoy his music and, being a fan myself, his "pride" in his originality.

He also does great cover songs!!
Marilyn Manson= Marilyn Monroe + Charles Manson

Emo kid "You know Manson kills little animals?"
Metal-head with real taste in rock music: "Piss off emo fag go cut your wrist's to Simple Plan"

by Drumma_guy_Trizz March 30, 2006
Marilyn Manson is a talented singer and musician. I admit that for years I was a huge fan of his music and his dark gothic image. Although I still love his music I have come around to the point where I have to agree with everyone who says they dislike Marilyn Manson on a personal level. Seriously, the guy is just a really big douche. He actually came out in an interview and openly admitted that he hates all of his own music. So, yeah, when people say he hates all of his fans, it's true. He pretty much thinks that we're all really dumb for buying into anything he does. And,he's totally fake and lies about pretty much everything. A lot of stuff he wrote in "Long Hard Road out of Hell" isn't even true. He has never used drugs. His actual girlfriend was incredibly angelic and sweet and wouldn't even mosh at his concerts, although they liked to lie and say she did. Apparently he liked her because she was "ambitious" though. And oh, by the way, this is another thing that makes Marilyn Manson a huge douche. He says the only women he likes are ones who are "ambitious" and "confident." And then in the next breath he says that he really loves Kim Kardashian. So, we all really know that what he's actually saying is: "I like chicks as long as they have lots of money." That's what he actually means by "I like confidence and ambition more than any body part." He's saying he is only turned on by rich women. Believe me I know this to be true from personal experience.
Marilyn Manson is a great musician. Buy all of his albums and listen to them, it's well worth it. Don't bother reading "Long Hard Road out of Hell" though, that book is total crap.
by anonymous xyz December 30, 2013
Marilyn Manson is a rock legend.His music will truly change the world.He is often called a freak by idiots who don't see that he's a person.He is exiled by most because he's not a carbon copy of what people consider "normal".The people who hate him are dumbasses who need to get a life.Some call him antichrist,but I call him hero.He stands for what he believes in regardless of what people think.
Marilyn Manson is such a freak! <---dumbass
by C.De lioncourt April 23, 2009
Satan-incarnate to some, righteous asshole to fans. Marilyn Manson USED to make some pretty okay songs from his albums "Antichrist Superstar" and "Mechanical Animals", but NOTHING else. He's the excuse for kids to pretent that they are "deep", and ergo, listen to "deep" music. Stop listen to Marilyn Manson. He writes bland, uninspired songs.
Dude A: Marilyn Manson is an icon and misunderstood!
Dude B: I disagree.
Dude B: No, I just prefer substance from music.
Dude A: :0
Dude B: :D
by Fuck Society February 05, 2008
Alrighty. Marilyn Manson, one of the more interesting and induvidual musicians out there. Is pointed to by many to be evil, satanic, and "The Antichrist". He is by no means any of these things. He's just a person, like anyone else. He just happens to be very creative, bordering on weird. but, because of this, many don't give the music a chance. Some of the more well known songs by him are "This is the New shit, the beautiful people, and a cover of the song "Sweet dreams" Two interesting side notes, he did the voice of the alien Edgar in the game AREA 51 for ps2 and xbox, and the name Marilyn Manson comes from Marilyn Monroe, the actress who'se death is still a mystery, and Charles Manson, the Serial killer.
Luke: Yo, twitch, what's your favorite Marilyn Manson album?

Twitch: Dude, Antichrist Superstar, without a doubt.
by Twitchard December 09, 2006