Marilyn Manson is one of the greatest rock bands of all time, but eventually sold out. As said in definition 4, Marilyn Manson was NOT a "hardcore christian". Just because he went to Christian School does not mean he actually enjoyed it. He didn't. He hated the conformity. AND he is Satanic, but Satanic is not what you think it means. Try studying for once. I just thought I should clear that up.
He was never a fucking hardcore christian you fucking retard.
by I Remain Anonymous August 01, 2005
i.e. The one who is not goth
Marilyn Manson? Shut the feck up you dirty pre-goth slut! You can't even spell your name right how can YOU know what's goth and what's not?
by Vampz November 01, 2004
some guy who boned jenna jameson at a party
i wanna be marilyn manson
by jesus w. bush November 20, 2004
A douchebag, need I say more?
Man: I just bought the new Marilyn Manson CD.
Me: Why would you waste your time listening to Marilyn Manson, when you could listen to a other, more worthwhile, metal. Like DREAM THEATER, KAMELOT or even THE BLACK MAGES. Genreally the same thing, only a little more interesting to listen to, and the lead singers aren't transvestites and the musicians, I'm not trying to sound biased, erm, BETTER?
by Not Entered December 09, 2005
The act in which a person has some of their sugically ribs removed in order to gain the ability to perform fellatio on oneself.
Brian redfined masturbation when he underwent a Marilyn Manson,
so now he sucks himself off every tuesday. He says "Put your cock where your mouth is".
by mayor of computerland December 10, 2006
The receptacle for other people's hatred.
If Marilyn Manson were another person he'd hate him, too.
by Everybodygetsone January 26, 2005
Marilyn Manson is a super hott guy too...
*drool* i'd do him he's so hott.. o_O
by Amanda April 06, 2005
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