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the most hottest antichrist alive!!!
I rate him as the most sexiest guy alive.
He looks cute without all his makeup, but he looks even hotter with his makeup. The name Marilyn Manson was found with the names Marilyn Monroe and the name Charles Manson. Members of his band and him named themselves with a female first name and the name of a serial killer as their last name. Which I find interesting. I support Marilyn Manson, even though his concerts get banned in some cities. he's so hot.
Marilyn Manson is the most hottest antichrist alive.
by Hafiza December 05, 2006
An artist who relies off of shock-value, horribly applied lipstick, vocal synthesizers, and a faulty goth image.

See hack.
Only Robert Smith could get away with lipstick that horrid looking...
by Suzy of the Xymox Clan May 16, 2005
A retarded Harlequin fetus and trend whore of epic proportions who didn't start anything, didn't finish anything, and hasn't said anything new. Ever. People seem to be offended by him for no particular reason in particular.

He is loved by legions of obnoxious suburban mall goth teenagers, who apparently have nothing better to do than to waste money on buying Manson albums and Nightmare Before Christmas merchandise to act "rebellious" and piss off their parents.
Contrary to popular belief, there are, in fact, members in Marilyn Manson other than Brian Warner. In fact, there's quite a few of them. Rumor has it that Mr. Manson enjoys firing his band members right and left depending on the mood he's in at the time. It's been suggested that the reason for this is because the ex- and current bandmates don't resemble Wicked Witch of the West, Margaret Hamilton, once they scrub the twenty layers of pancake makeup off their faces, while for Manson, it's the exact opposite.
by MaidenAndPriestRule October 02, 2005
1.A musician/artist. The name of his band. Formed in 1989. Hated by stupid christians because they follow a book that is thousands of years old and have no proof that god exists and stick to their routine of being mindless puppets. Marilyn Manson makes these people think for once in their pathetic life and they are like " oh my god, i am thinking! Help me! I wanna be controlled by an invisible man forever!" Since they are not used to thinking, they freak out and blame the problem on other people instead of themselves. Prove that all people have faults.

2. A truly great man.
Me: What do you think about Marilyn Manson?

Christian scum: I think he is a useless, scary devil worshipper who goes against the word of god. He shall burn in Hell!

Me: whatever... hey, thats a nice ring. Where did you get it?

Cristian scum: Oh this? I stole it from my dying grandma when I was supposed to be fixing her breakfast.
by Dani Tatro August 06, 2005
The best shock-rocker ever to live.
Dude #1: Who's the best shock-rocker ever?
Dude #2: Duh, Marilyn Manson, you dumbass.
by BarryC June 26, 2005
a creepy homo who likes to do porn stars..........hehe rachel
oh geez marilyn mansons creepy
by mcrbemaddshmexxi August 26, 2008
Another lame-ass Mtv "shock" artist.He tries to "shock" us by wearing funny fake boobs just like Madonna with her pointy cones (fake boobs).I bet he even fucked a poodle just to be more like Madonna.He'll probably marry Guy Ritchie and start going to Kabbalah center next.
Oh my goth,Marilyn Manson is such a posery little bitch,Madonna wannabe.Mtv is just sad and pathetic.That's what it is.Satan is gay!
by life is disturbing, September 11, 2005