MARILYN MANSON: THE SEXY godlike goth who makes the best music ever .He is very VERY sexy.his best allbum is antichrist super star. he is the BEST.
" i LOVE marilyn manson!!!"
by evil girl August 27, 2007
1.A man who I think is just mixed up by the press....some people think that he's a goth, some people think that he's an anti-Christ. Other's think he's just psycho.

2.And he's not a "goth".
He wears black clothing, eye makeup, has long, black hair, and white face makeup. Does that make him a goth? No.
1."Wow, I'm pretty sure Marilyn Manson is an anti-Christ. He just released a song called, 'Personal Jesus'"

2."Lyke, Jenny did you hear about Marilyn Manson?? I heard he lyke, went into rehab. Isn't that sooooo goth?"
by Renee January 01, 2005
A god-like creature.
The only "God" there ever was, is Marilyn Manson.
by xxxtubular May 16, 2007
Self indulgent transvestite. END OF!
Normal person: I don't like your music

Normal person: Where do youkeep your sledge hammer? i don't see any pockets on that dress.
by DeadPerson August 08, 2009
GOD.......end of story
Marilyn Manson is God...Deal with it
by GothKidd13 November 24, 2006
true- guy who relies on shock to sell his albums. nothing more than another man wearing makeup to get famous. he sells an image not music. he is no better than dashboard confessional.

false- the reason columbine and 9/11 happened. he didnt get a gun and kill those kids, two depressed kids did.
marilyn manson sucks dick but he isnt the reason why kidds kill people.
by john gallione May 07, 2007
the most hottest antichrist alive!!!
I rate him as the most sexiest guy alive.
He looks cute without all his makeup, but he looks even hotter with his makeup. The name Marilyn Manson was found with the names Marilyn Monroe and the name Charles Manson. Members of his band and him named themselves with a female first name and the name of a serial killer as their last name. Which I find interesting. I support Marilyn Manson, even though his concerts get banned in some cities. he's so hot.
Marilyn Manson is the most hottest antichrist alive.
by Hafiza December 05, 2006

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