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A crying little pussy emo goth bitch.
Men shouldn't have b00bs!!
by Elvis Stallone February 04, 2005
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a kick ass band, they have talent and have a uniqu sound. so fucking what if brian isnt christian or hes anti-christ. to hell with all those people who think he is a freak and that they are the blame for thes things...im not a HUGE fan but i do respect them.
prep: oh mah gawd u like marilyn manson???

me: yes...why?

prep: then your like SUCH a freak! u antichrist!

me:fuck u bitch atleast im open minded and the music i listen to dosnt sound all the same!


me:thought so bitch

.........k that was wired
by vincefucker July 09, 2005
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1. American shock-rock/industrial (his style is actually very unique to him) musician with a folling of many teenage and adult fans sometimes called mansonites, though not all of them are. He is a pop-culture idol and scapegoat. He is often considered a lyrical genius and a revolutionary, however, some of his messages are intimidating to those who don't understand them.

* Viewed upon as satan, satan's spawn, or the messenger of satan by people who don't really appreciate what he has to say. see christians
*) "OMFG Marilyn Manson worships the devil!" (someone who doesn't have a clue)

*) "Man, that last song Manson wrote was fucking powerful" (someone who does have a clue)

*) "OMG Marilyn Manson is SOOO sexy!!!" (crazy fan kid)
by WAFFLE FLOP October 03, 2006
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Marilyn Manson - the pen-name of a rock artist (birth name: Brian Warner), member of the band formerly known as Marilyn Manson and The Spooky Kids. Now the band is also referred to as simply Marilyn Manson. Technically, it's not so much of a problem because about the only person who stays there always is Marilyn Manson himself. Some of the line-up changes from time to time.

MM is certainly a good target for criticism, but needs no defense: his reactions to the criticism are always quite keen and precise.

While his public image may seem shocking to public eye, he is NOT any of the following (although it has been claimed):
- Satanist or Devil worshipper
- Gay
- Mentally unbalanced
- Killer of little animals on stage (unlike Ozzy, who bit a head off a pigeon)

I cannot for sure tell if MM has anything against Christianity as a school of thought. If he is as intelligent as he seems (and he does make quite an impression), I doubt he is. But he definitely has a problem with the Christian religious institutes such as church (btw, chuch does not necessarily imply philosophy or even simple faith).

Personal opinion of mine is that his utterances are not to be overvalued, as they, while having value, DO fall short of an elegant philosophy MM seems to seek. Maybe he should spend a little more time with good books, but with his job I understand it can be difficult. I wish he weren't so caught up with the whole anti-christian act. Life is bigger than a fight against one say-but-dont-do religious system.

My guess is, MM would exell in writing. It seems he has much to say and explore, but the expectations of the crowd and limits of the format (namely, music) don't let him.

He seems to find himself in (rather good, may a add) watercolors and unique experiments with musical organic effects on the listener.

His music and imagery appeals mostly to the goth community,
much of it falls into the industrial niche, although most of his work cannot be accurately categorized, as with any truly talented artist.
A: Do you know who Marilyn Manson is?
B: M-m, I thought it was a band...
A: Well, that's true, to an extent. He's a lead singer in the band with the same name.
by Alex Parshikov August 18, 2006
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A human being. Let's face it folks, yeah, some of us like his music, yeah some of us hate it. Some of us support what he stands for, some of us are against it. This doesn't make him some antichrist, devil reincarnate! Nor does it make him the god of today! I personally enjoy his music and i support many of his views, this doesn't mean i like him as a person. I DON'T EVEN KNOW THE GUY! So all you out there saying "Oh, yeah, he's like my god and i'm going to marry him and we'd totally get along" and all that crap need to remember that you don't know him and can't judge him like that until you actually do get to know him (which i doubt is going to happen).

Also, he's stated that his music is meant to make everyone feel accepted. Most people see this as a Goths only sort of thing. NOT TRUE. it is possible for someone to shop at Abercrombie and Fitch and like Marilyn Manson. Someone can go to church every Sunday and still enjoy his music. It seems like manson fans are creating these boxes to detirmine what a "true marilyn manson fan" is, and it's totally undermining his purpose of being. If his music is supposed to accept everyone and unite all then how is it right for us, his "loyal" fans, to define who is and who isn't allowed to like him.

what i'm trying to say:
1. Don't judge people you haven't met (for good or for bad)
2. Don't tell other's whether or not thier "worthy" of manson
3. Don't hate a person just because they share a different opinion than you (and vice versa, don't fall in love with someone just cause you share some similarities)
"It's the whole Nietzche philosophy of you are your own God. That's why I debase myself in the concerts and tell people to spit on me. I'm saying to them 'You are no different from me'." -Marilyn Manson
by linzo July 06, 2006
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One of the most influential artists of this time. His lyrics often misunderstood, and misinterepted. A great artist. The man started in Canton, Ohio, going to a Catholic school. Then moving to Florida, he met other band members, adopted the stage name Marilyn Manson(Taking the first name of a pop star(Marilyn Monroe) and last name of a murderer(Charles Manson), and formed Marilyn Manson and the Spooky Kids. He then exploded in the underground, and after opening for his friend and idol's band NIN, he gained much popularity. Then producing Potrait of a American Family, he hit bigtime. The proclaimed Antichrist Superstar has been a target ever since for the blame of killings,suicides, drug problems, and various other things. While being influential, people need to know the difference between music and life, as if music can influence them enough to do these things, they already had problems. A genius in lyrics, he easily became a demigod for most, as his lyrics were direct,brutal to some, and uncensored. They were and are his opinions, and nothing else, and his fans love this. My favorite band on this planet. Also, rumours are spread about this man right and left, he is not gay, and never had ribs taken out to blow himself. A truely, great man. I've listened to him for 7-8 years, being about half my life, yes, I'm still in earlier teens, and I can see, think and speak for myself.
Marilyn Manson : Part of, The Speed of Pain
When you want it
It goes away too fast
Times u hate it
It always seems to last
But just remember when you think you're free
The crack inside you fucking heart is me

I wish I could sleep
But I can't lay on my back
Because ther's a knife
For everyday that I've known you
by Michael Knight. November 03, 2005
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Marilyn Manson:
An extremely underrated and misjudged man.

Blamed for problems having absolutely nothing to do with him by ignorant fuck-ups who bitch about whoever doesn't fit within their social standards.

Questionable parents claim he is the reason their child becomes a heroin addicted failure, when clearly the parenting skills of said parents need to be thoroughly explained and moderated.

Most people who don't spend 5 minutes worth shit of research to find that he does not in fact sacrifice animals, worship the devil, have his ribs removed to suck himself off, or any other extreme fairy tales people have gotten away with starting.

Marilyn Manson (Brian Hugh Warner) plays many instruments, sings, writes, acts, and paints. He is incredibly talented and naturally gifted. His hard work shows and I can easily say is the most genius man I have ever had the pleasure of having as a role model. No one has influenced me in such a powerful, positive way.

He is a beautiful creature that this shit-hole of a world doesn't deserve to have. He is my last hope that humanity isn't a complete waste.
Person-Wow! This is a good song? Who is it by?

Me-Marilyn Manson.

Person-(Thinking: I will now pretend his music is horrible because there are rumors about him and people may not like me for listening to him. Ughhh, no one will like me and think I'm so totally un-cool. Although, I secretly like him.)
by Monica10101010 July 23, 2011
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-Possibly the greatest lyricist ever
-Mind blowingly inteligent, puts any interviewer who trys to have a go to shame
-Controversial, yet he will always have a reason for doing whatever he did, and will be able to justify anything he does or condones.
-Exellent painter who is internationally recognized and has had exhibitions all over the world
-Could be an incredibly accurate political and social analysist, judging by his songs and interviews, this is probably due to his journalistic work.
-Style icon fore scene/emo and even british indie kids
Even people who dont like marilyn manson should watch his interviews on youtube, at least to find out how incredibly intelligent he is, and how valid his opinions are on almost any topic. Even though i am only 15, and am what some would call "scene" please dont disregard this. It is completely accurate.
by sexyirishboi March 25, 2008
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