A crying little pussy emo goth bitch.
Men shouldn't have b00bs!!
by Elvis Stallone February 04, 2005
A complete tool who ripped off two influential musicians, GG Allin and Trent Reznor. The whole God of Fuck and self mutilation thing obviously came from GG Allin, and the whole gothic idea is from Trent Reznor (his idol). He then adopted a boring arena-rock sound to go with his stolen image and ideas. When he ran out of ideas (fake boobs, "i hate my parents" styled satanism etc.) he covered good songs from the 80s. He's now at 3 songs that he's ruined now. People thinks his lyrics are deep because they dont understand them. His lyrics are no more than intoxicated musings about religion and how his fans should shop at Hot Topic.
Contrary to popular belief, Marilyn Manson does rebel to sell, and it does not suit him well.
by Johnny Deformed September 10, 2005
I talentless douchebag goth poser for the MTV generation.
Pardon me, I had to blow Trent Reznor to get a record deal. Btw, I am Marilyn Manson.
by Farmer Ted 06 June 06, 2007
A very popular music artist who represents why American music and American youth are simultaneously going down the wrong path. No, I am not a religious fanatic. No, I am not an old man. I believe Marilyn Manson is a punk and a fool for 3 reasons. 1) His appearance 2) His music 3) His anti-establishment views. Well regarding #1, he wears a corset during concerts, he wears grotesque makeup, and he looks like the most uncivil character you'll ever meet in your life. Regarding #2, may I first say that his music is an absolute horrific compilation of shit that represents most modern death metal bands. Even if he has no connection with the occult, his lyrics are borderline satanic. His fans say that his lyrics are very poetic, which might be true, but this is not the type of poetry that represents good American values. This leads me to #3. The main reason I believe he is anti-establishment, is because he basically defiles every Judeo-Christian moral ever conceived. The problem with Marilyn Manson is that he is the type of person that no parent would ever be fond of. The reason so many people believe Manson influenced the Columbine shooters was because of the image he creates of himself. If he would change his image, then there would not be so many death threats against him. Jesus, what a punk.
Good American- "Marilyn Manson is a no good fool who is setting a bad image for our youth."

Naive Youth- "What are you talking about, he is awesome."

Good American- "You kids will never learn."
by Good American October 06, 2010
Definatly the best lyricist of our generation, and a great role model for any satanic musician (such as myself)looking to make it in the business, also he never falters to anyones defective belief systems, all these elements combined make him the juggernaught he is today .
Marilyn Manson is a true MASTER wordsmith in the metal scene
by Gail Kim Worshiper June 12, 2008
Marilyn Manson- Rock God, sex symbol, and my god
Marilyn Manson.. use in: Marilyn Manson is AMAZING
by Cat March 15, 2005
A queer that emotional bullied children, I.E. Goth kids/possibly emos or wannabe hot-topic children can relate to.

"Oh, marilyn manson writes the deepest shit ever..I so want to go make out with another guy now."
by Goths are lame. Haha. March 01, 2008
A man who created some fairly good music in the past, but has recently decayed due to over-popularizing by faggoths.
"I think Marilyn Manson is great because he doesn't follow society's regulations" Faggoth!
by Tyler Gebar May 15, 2006

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