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a new holiday created by the long time stoner Cody A., marijuanaka is a celebration lasting from april 20th to april 29th,during marijuanaka at 4:20 on april 20th you must smoke weed, on the 21st you must smoke at 4:21,ect.ect... created on april 20th 2007 by a stoner who was thinking of a way to make 4/20 last as long as possible so he combined the 8 day holiday of hanuka ( however you spell it) and 4/20, creating marijuanaka for the world to enjoy
Stoner 1 April 24th: man its 4:23 we got 1 minute hurry up and pack the bowl
Stoner 2: allright man we wont mess up marijuanaka dont worry!
by April 29, 2007
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