dude...smoke it!!!!!...its the best shit...mother fucker!!!!
wow!!! its great!!!!
smoke that shit. thank you God for this plant.....
Wanna smoke some MARIJUANA!!

by redondo beach bitch! January 18, 2007
THE best shit in the world, only illegal in united states cause the politicals asswipes cant make money off of it, think about it, tobacco only grows in certain conditions, alchohol must ferment over a period of time, but u can grow pot in the ditch outside ur house man. if u support pot go look up NORML on a search engine
"Damn dude i am soooo fucked up!!!"
"i know dude this is the best shit ever!"
"o my god dude i can feel all my organs moving!!!"
"is that normal?"
by stonerman420 August 27, 2003
The only thing i the world that makes you 100% fine with being bored.

Also know as: Ganja, Cannabis, Weed, Pot, Mary Jane, The Kroosh, Reefer, Herb, Grass, Dope, Green Sticky Goop, Booger Brown, Schwag, Regs, Beasts, Homegrown, 420 time, El Diablo de Verde, Hairy Potter, Henry the 8th, Kirmit the Hog Leg, Dr. Phil My Pipe, Sticky Icky Icky, Martin Luther Ding Dong, Bagged Broccoli, The Babysitter, My Only Real Friend, Cheeba, O Chronic Tree, Nuggets, Diggity-Dank, Bag o' Skunk, Tide Dingleberries, Lando Calresin, The Dirty Dirty, Don Juan, Your Highness, Kind Bud, Mr. THC, Natures way of saying HIGH!
"Yo man you know where i can score a bag of summa dat Martin Luther Ding Dong?"
"Shiiit boy you know i gots dat, lemme see dat 20."

or my favorite marijuana example

"This shits called Deaf!"
"Man that doesn't even sound attractive, you mean I'm going to hit it and die?"
"No man not Death it's Deaf! You hit this shit twice man you can't hear SHIT!"
by The- Rev September 11, 2008
it isn't anything tangilbe, it's a way of life. Someone who thinks and talks about it all the time, isn't really a stoner. A stoner is someone who lives the marijuana way of life.
I'll get up around noon, smoke a bowl of marijuana, watch some cartoons, eat breakfast, if I feel like it, i'll excercise. After that, I'll smoke again, then see what my friends are doing.
by kindbud County Sherrif January 02, 2004
the answer to depression
when life hands you lemons, you spark a fuckin bowl.
thank you marijuana.
by chemistreezy August 31, 2008
something that should be legal.

Example must have at least 20 letters and 3 words????????? what the eff?
by Stephanie Soquet February 24, 2005
A plant from the hemp family with narcotic properities. Side-effects of smoking marijuana included, but not limited to:

- increased appetite
- lethargy
- euphoria

Users of marijuana also become annoyingly knowledgable about it with long-term use and usually can't talk about anything else. Legalization advocates are usually friendly and bengin, but can be obnoxious.
Marijuana is formal name being Cannabis Sativa; a plant containg tetrahydracannibonol, more commonly known as THC, the active ingredient which provides an existential like state of cosmic interaction known as being high. Several different varieties exist, inclduing Sativa and Indica. The physical qualities include tiny red/brown hairs and a white crystalline powder coating. Marijuana is usually grown, dried and then rolled and smoked or used in a pipe or bong. It can also be eaten; it is usually cooked and added to brownie or cookie mixtures. It is sold according to its dried weight in either ounces or grams. The price will vary depending on the quality, amount and/or your dealer. Marijuana is illegal in most western countries, but has currently been decriminalized in Britain. Amsterdam is one country in which the controlled and moderated use of marijuana is not illegal. It can also be cultivated in a solid resinous form known as Hashish or Hash.
Other names include grass, herb, ganja, buddha, mary jane, pottery, herbal refreshment.
by Red Devil Slim April 08, 2004

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