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Marijuana the greatest gift from GOD! well marijuana and tits.

GOD is the sole creator of everything in existense meaning he created marijuana. When he placed Adam & Eve in the garden of eden he told them they could eat from any tree's fruit except for that one with the apples or whatever the fuck it was they werent supposed to eat. If marijuana were so bad he would of prohibited adam and eve from it but he did'nt. so i say break up your buds and roll a fat ass blunt and kick back and relax and make sure next time your praying to give GOD Dap
Me: Hey you church boy! come here
Church boy: What?
Me: Wanna smoke this fat baby right here?
Curch boy: Smoking marijuana is bad and considerd a sin.
Me: where in the bible does it say you cant smoke herb?
Church boy: Um....um....um....
Me: Nowhere dumbass! Got a light?
by JugglaJoe September 03, 2005
SHOULD be legalized in the us. i dont smoke it, but i still stand behind this belief.

1.it is IMPOSSIBLE to overdose on pot, which is possible to do on other legal perscription medications
2.although smoking one joint is = to 7 or so cigarettes, the average smoker smokes WAY more cigarettes than the average pot smoker Pot smokers do not smoke 3 packs a day of pot. Usually only about 3 joints MAXIMUM are smoked per day.
3.Although it is still dangerous and could possibly cause injuries, things such as getting drunk and driving w/o a seatbelt are just as risky as getting high, although the former is legal and the latter is only enforced SOMETIMES with a small fine of about 100$ or so.
4.The amount of smokers/ former smokers who die each year from smoking related deaths: 440,000
The amount of pot users/ former pot users who die each year from pot related deaths: 0

you tell me which should be legal from those figures.

5.Respectable people such as Barack Obama have used pot (and do not give a thumbs down on this definition if you think obama is not respectable. thats just stupid to do that.)

again, i have never used pot. i think it is not a smart thing to do, but that it should be legalized, just like tobacco.
quote from the department of agriculture:

"In strict medical terms, marijuana is far safer than many foods we commonly consume. For example, eating ten raw potatoes can result in toxic response. By comparison, it is physically impossible to eat enough cannabis to induce death."

quote from abe lincoln:

"Prohibition will work great injury to the cause of temperance.
It is a species of intemperance within itself, for it goes beyond the bounds of reason in that it attempts to control mans appetite by legislation, and makes a crime out of things that are not crimes.
A prohibition law strikes a blow at the very principals upon which our government was founded."

legalize it.
by Vyktyr Bilyentktov July 18, 2008
my friend.
non addictive,some studies show it not to cause cancer, that gateway drug crap is bs, stop reading and go light up.
*cough cough*... what?
by jesus christ January 10, 2005
The best shit in the whole world
Stone that shit and get stoned.
by dar December 11, 2003
Why is marijuana against the law? It grows naturally on our planet. How can you make nature against the fucking law?
I think making nature against the law is slightly paranoid. It serves a thousand different functions all over the world, all of them positive, and it has never had any fatalities to account for. And no, pot does not make you unmotivated. Whilst high, you can do everyone that you would usually do, you just realise its not worth the effort.
'Sure, I could get up at dawn and go to a job that i hate and that does not inspire me creatively whatsoever for the rest of my fuckin life. 'Or i could get up at noon, and learn to play the sitar.'
by BadLieutenant August 12, 2004
the "holy herb" put on earth by the almighy for us to use.
marijuana relaxes u and makes u think more, u appreciate music alot more when ur high and u become much more aware of whats going on in ur life.
marijuana is know as the holy herb, it is safe to use and does not affect the mind in ways that alchol does.
by kian2 October 09, 2005
Marijuana is the best thing ever created under this sun. People who say marijuana is a bad drug never did have it, has not done it or had not done it in moderation. It’s the dose that makes the poison; table salt can kill you if you eat enough of it. Marijuana mood elevator and gives you a different awareness of the surrounding world but keeps you grounded, other than alcohol which is a depressant and puts you to sleep. Cigarettes and alcohol kill more people each year than car accidents, but they are some how legal?
While marijuana is pretty much harmless, you don’t see any body being killed over a bag of marijuana? Did you know the greatest jazz players smoke grass, they where the best players in the world along with many others, some of the best music was created under the influence of marijuana. ITs the best thing to happen to America if it becomes legal.
Is not marijuana included when it read in the bible; "Genesis 1: 12 I have given you all the seed baring plants and herbs to use."?
by 420TT February 27, 2005