1. a "drug" if you smoke it. 2. food if you could eat it.
marijuana with the THC seems a thing heard of many chemicals involved with natural brain activity, eat it like a food for sustaining naturally high capability, concentrate healthy improvements while subtracting harmful side effects just by eating the vegetable instead of smoking it. their low school did not teach you but know sane science you eat your vegetables, tobacco now if anything has chemicals while they increase garlic's that you wouldn't want to eat unless mixed with other food, then they ban garlic, then streets sells crystal caffeine for smoking then coca cola soda needs another stimulant once again. bottom line is that when jesus was quoted as saying "i am the alpha to the omega", it meant things like we are Hydrogen before and after to advance us well beyond their lowly smoky hoards of crude oil, Hydrogen then steams refined meaning of |smoking| from a hemp soup. Jesus meant alpha~omega or before~after from the time monkey men for millions ate a plant then few hundred or thousand now dumb monkey men smoke vegetables, then when civilized figuring it all out we can smoke affordably and legally enough marijuana or tobacco or the like not to need to smoke it.
A late 'System of a Down' song was singing about "eat all the grass that you want, accidents happen in the dark" they are deep of their truth be then known to the ignorant..
by Joven September 21, 2006
Slang for cannabis. Not the best thing to do.
Marijuana is bad, m'kay?
by StatenIslander December 03, 2007
stuff that gets you in deep deep shit with your girl/boy friend
samantha: what are you doing?

nick: nothing!

samantha: you smoke!?

(ending 1)

samantha: you smoke!? omg can i have some!

(ending 2)

samantha: you smoke!?

nick: yes... marijuana in fact white rhino you want some?


no i dont really smoke im 13
by kibblebiscuits June 01, 2007
(DONT DO DRUGS) Save It For Me
I JuSt GoT DoNe SmOkIn A FaT AsS BlUnT YaH YaH
by T-Ball April 05, 2004
satan's gift to living life forms.
that was some high quality marijuana broski!
by carlycloukey! December 29, 2007
a very stupid excuse for boredom. also another word for coward which are the majority of the people who use this site which will give this definition a thumbs down.
hi i'm a coward i smoke marijuana
by |\/|477 September 17, 2008
An herb which is bad, because it's illegal (And it is illegal because it's bad).
Average Joe: "Y'know, a lot of scientists are saying that marijuana can slow cancer growth and causes less problems than alcohol..."

DEA Representative: "Well you see, those scientists are probably jew-loving, faggot, pinko, terrorists who hate America and freedom."
by Ayabowlah Khomeni December 20, 2008
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