A word that apparently brings the viewers of UrbanDictionary.com out to speak their views of marijuana, only to have it littered with spelling mistakes.

Marijuana does just that to people: makes them completely retarded.
Man: lol i liek da pawt itz tha bezt n shyt
Me: what a fucking moron, lay off the marijuana stoner.
by Tex Avery December 26, 2006
a drug that can't kill you but is known as the gateway drug. you get tired of the weed high so you go to coke, herione etc. also not all natural stuff is good for you. what about snake venom?? that can fucking kill you and its all natural. anyone who had the least bit knowledge in their head would know that weed is the dumbest thing you can do. because you can get addicted to weed. very easily. so all of you guys that do weed and thinks its cool and shit. you are a bunch of fucking dumbasses. end of question. ill counter any example you give me.
my cousin last night got arrested for smoking marijuana.
by fender5001 October 27, 2007
MariJuana is bad M'kay
Mr, Makey; marijuana is bad M'kay
by Mr Mackey October 13, 2006
Marijuana is a hallucinogenic drug, the 'merits' of which are advertised solely by sad old hippy relics who try desperately to validate their pathetic excuse for a 'lifestyle', and their offspring, who just plain don't know any better.
"I smoked a bowl and spent the night listening to Floyd"

-Some hippy's idea of a 'progressive' lifestyle- smoking marijuana and listening to music that's over thirty years old.
by G|M February 16, 2007
It's a green plant that you can use for...uh...um....what were we talking about again?
Marijuana is all-natural. Then again, so is arsenic and monkey dung.
by Bill M. July 27, 2004
1. n. A potent depressiv that makes you feel all light and happy, but even that won't save you from the beating the cops/your mother's about to give you.
2. n. A word that people think that if they prasie on the internet, even though they themself have never used, let alone see it (excluding that funny man who smokes it in front of BK), will make them an automatic cool person
1. "Ok, we're really stoned from all that marijuana, so just drvie at 5 mph so we don;t attract any attention"
2. I'm gonna be l33t cuz 1 pr41z3D a dr(_)6! L0l!
3. I ahve a feeling thsi one definition on marijuana will be deleted very soon by a 'pothead' nerd.
by Trex August 08, 2004
Contrary to populour belief, Marijuana Smoked out of a bong,popcan,OJ bottle, joint, blunt, is about 5 times harder on your lungs. . . And its not legal because it would just be another problem... Most people that care to smoke it, have been shitted on by the common community and want to be "cool" so they go smoke marijuana.
Normal Kid: Marijuana Kills, worse then ciggaretes, why u smoke it?

Poser dumbass: Pot is COMPLETELY HARMLESS and i'm not at risk AT ALL, And my main homie niggas from east side smoke it.

by Non-Poser September 24, 2006

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