stuff that gets you in deep deep shit with your girl/boy friend
samantha: what are you doing?

nick: nothing!

samantha: you smoke!?

(ending 1)

samantha: you smoke!? omg can i have some!

(ending 2)

samantha: you smoke!?

nick: yes... marijuana in fact white rhino you want some?


no i dont really smoke im 13
by kibblebiscuits June 01, 2007
(DONT DO DRUGS) Save It For Me
I JuSt GoT DoNe SmOkIn A FaT AsS BlUnT YaH YaH
by T-Ball April 05, 2004
satan's gift to living life forms.
that was some high quality marijuana broski!
by carlycloukey! December 29, 2007
a very stupid excuse for boredom. also another word for coward which are the majority of the people who use this site which will give this definition a thumbs down.
hi i'm a coward i smoke marijuana
by |\/|477 September 17, 2008
An herb which is bad, because it's illegal (And it is illegal because it's bad).
Average Joe: "Y'know, a lot of scientists are saying that marijuana can slow cancer growth and causes less problems than alcohol..."

DEA Representative: "Well you see, those scientists are probably jew-loving, faggot, pinko, terrorists who hate America and freedom."
by Ayabowlah Khomeni December 20, 2008
A type of box used for storing wet towels and wood

drys stuff like shit
man that marijuana dried the shit out of my towel
by anonyumos May 20, 2006

An illegal substance that is smokeable. There are all kinds of names for this word, which are used all the time referring to it (a LOT of'em are my terms for marijuana):
*Stuff (my term for it; also "The Stuff")
*Scooby Doo
*Blow (also a term for cocaine)
*Peacepipe (usually used for native american types)
*Pipe (depends greatly, although unfortunately a lot of pipes contain marijuana)

......and MANY more terms.
"I don't smoke marijuana, especially ever since the first time I got ripped in early May 2002. It fucks with one's mind...I don't need that."
by Dave April 02, 2004

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