Marijuana is a "drug" for middle-schoolers,which they are first introduced to right after alcohol.The majority of people over the age of 13 move on to less pussified substances such as cocaine or prescription drugs,or crystal meth if you really have the balls to.The majority of adults who do use marijuana are either black or Michael Phelps.
by PurpleHazeDragon October 26, 2009
One of the reasons why southern California is such a shithole. It is a gateway drug, dont believe a stoner telling you it isnt.

Can cause amotivational syndrome in a lot of people who smoke a lot. You may ignore the social ladder, but it wont ignore you.

It hinders your memory. (during and after useage)

An overrated drug that is cool to do when you are in your early 20s for experimentation purposes, but should hope to not be doing by the time you have children. Less than 1% of the population smokes it for a reason. It does cause emphysema if used chronically.

It doesnt kill you, but there are many more things in life that it may prevent you from exploring.

Most people shouldnt be doing drugs unless they are experimenting or need them for medical purposes. Possession charge on your record is not worth it. It is illegal and most likely will be for your lifetime.

It is not JUST economics. There are good reasons why it is regulated WORLDWIDE.

Leave it subculture. Learn to enjoy life with some exercise, protected sex, coffee, and an occasional alcoholic beverage. It isnt so bad. People arent perfect and marijuana isnt going to fix the problems of society (neither is lsd...although dont we all wish).

Dude 1: Yo friend everybody should smoke marijuana and wed all barter and live happily as one love.

Friend 1: No dude I dont think so.

Dude 1: You're a hater.

Friend 2: No dude, you are high and incapable of making great decisions. Maybe you should try some coke and see where that gets you.

by sindelisuous March 05, 2009
the first step on the road to drugs. roll it up and smoke it good. also, the crystals left behind by the making of a joint can make you high if you lick them.
marijuana: the cause and solution to all of life's problems.
by The Mr Needles Experience March 22, 2007
A drug coming from the cannibas plant. When smoked or injected, it alters the state of the user's mind, producing a drug high. Marijuana is illegal in the United States and many other countries. There are benefits (relaxed state of mind, greater appreciation of the world, introspection) and drawbacks (health complications, legality, psychological damage over a long period of use, stress on friends and family, later drug abuse problems). Contrary to popular belief it is possible to become addicted and overdose on THC, and long term use will eventually lead to psychological and health problems in the user. Marijuana is frequently used by teenagers who eventually become hooked and have a hard time stopping, and can be a gateway to drugs like cocaine. Some users also develop alcohol problems. Marijuana is the most commonly used drug in the world. Marijuana can be smoked from a pipe or bong, or rolled into blunts. A far less common method of use is through injection. When mixed with alcohol, marijuana produces a drink called a green dragon.
Marijuana made John feel happy and relaxed but after a while it became hard for him to stop using it.
by the asshat of September 23, 2009
Marijuana; n.
The one and only most evil thing in the world.
Every year, millions of people die from smoking marijuana (also commonly known as weed, pot, hash, etc.) and it is an abomonation to the likes of mankind.
If you smoke it, you are related to Hitler and might as well go kill some Jews. And let's throw in some niggers too.
"Omg dude i got so high last weekend from smoking this awesome marijuana" -pothead1

"Yeah dude, you might wanna be careful, that'll kill you. You know what else? If people aren't catching the sarcasm, than I certainly hope they are now" -pothead2
by wordNERDD 188 December 01, 2008
An ironically unique plant often grown on college campuses and comes in many forms. Widely grown for "recreational purposes", it is a substance which you know the D.A.R.E officer told you not to smoke. Just call it herbal incense, yeah, there you go. *See Nelai's definition for greater expanse.* Referred to as a gateway drug; why, because it has a buzz that just pales in comparison to other stuff of its effects. I could see why people like it, but it isn't worth your time, people. (Also called hemp)
A verdant, jagged-edged plant in which pushers and users collect the leaves/buds from to grind into smokable form, can also be eaten (not tasty).
by Smkngmgc June 13, 2004
1) A drug containing THC.

2) What high school kids try to pass off as a "hardcore drug"...You aren't a drug addict or a real user if you do the weakest recreational drug out there. Even chronic/dro isn't up to level with cocaine, heroin, crack, LSD, Angeldust etc.

High Schooler - Yo, I'm a druggie, I do marijuana all the time.

John - Dude, weed is a joke compared to real drugs.
by RealG June 18, 2007

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