Just another mainstream drug, that mainly losers use.
Losers being people who are so dissatisfied with their lives, that they have to be under the influence of something to be able to actually endure it. And instead of doing something to better themselves, they get high.
Also very popular with angsty teenagers and immature adults.
If that isn't a good enough reason NOT to smoke it, it also smells like shit.
"Hey guyzzzz lets smoke some Marijuana!"
"Yea because its SOOOOOO cool!!!"
"If you don't smoke weed ur soo lAME!!!11!"
#lame #pot #ganja #disgusting #loser #pothead #weed
by shanzormasteroftheuniverse November 26, 2009
Mexican cigarette brand.
Cop: Have you been smoking marijuana?
You: Marijuana? What's that? Some kind of Mexican cigarette?
#weed #dope #pot #chronic #white rhino #skunk
by boringwithhats September 03, 2008
Alot of people in this place think that just because America legalizes weed, it will solve all the problems of the world. Did you ever think about laws passed on weed if it was legalized? If weed was legalized, Republican's and Democrats in the House and Senate would have a fall out on who could claim the plant. If the republicans win, Good Weed would be destroyed because corporations would hog all the product and sell us cheap shit while hustlin us, kinda fucked up right? but if the democrats got a hold of the plant and passed laws in favor of the poor farmers in the midwest, we could give them the seeds, they grow, bag and sell the product, then they contribute that money back to the poor class to be used for furthering the quality of the impoverished and bringing the poor out of the dark, then we build a giant wall or fence on the canadian and mexican borders, by which after we do all this, we increase sales and then start selling the product all across the world, thus creating a revitalization in the world economy and bringing about peace, unless your a foreign country with nuclear technology that hates us, then we might have to bomb you out of existence, im not sure, but thats my theory.
All of this and more if we can pass laws to protect the plant in the interests of the farmers, by which after we make these gradual changes, we can finally destroy the marijuana stamp act of 1937, so lets take over the government, turn it into an absolute monarchy without infringing on the constitution, just suspending the house and senate, pass the necessary laws, make our money, progress as a nation, build our fences, export our stuff to outer countries all over the world, and everything will be better, so whose with me?
#gangja #social #revolution #legalize #today!
by Nikki C October 29, 2006
1. An illegal drug whether potheads admit it or not.

2. A drug that hinders users' abilities to spell even the most basic words in urban dictionary definitions i.e. alcahol for alcohol, cuz for because.

3. A drug that motivates its users to write nonsensical rambling definitions of the drug on certain dictionary sites.

4. A substance that makes users too inept to be able to make a logical argument for the legalization of the drug other than "the man is trying to keep us down man."
"Hey man, why did you flunk out of school?"

"Oh, because I was too busy smoking marijuana."
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by Mr. Reality July 01, 2009
A drug that is illegal for good reason-- it will ruin your life.

The argument that you cannot be addicted to marijuana is ridiculous. Whether or not the body craves it, the mind craves it and the sense of calm it gives. Nobody's body is addicted to Warcraft, and yet how many guys do you see vegetating in front of their computers?

Pot is, in no way or form, a "better alternative drug." The effects are especially severe on teenagers. Short term, marijuana has been proven to hinder the parts of the mind that control memory, attention, and learning. Long term, users are faced with cancer, as well as lung, airway, and immune system damage. Weed causes as much harm as cocaine, heroin, and alcohol.

For illegal drugs in general, any happiness gained is completely artificial. Would you rather have real emotions from real experiences that you've been through in real life or fake emotions from chemicals messing with your brain?

Pot negatively affects family relationships, school performance, and everyday activities, and will destroy hope of a future with a decent job. There are, however, both in-patient and out-patient programs that can help marijuana-addicts regain normal lives.

Bimbos of the world are working to legalize marijuana. Please, if you are one of these people, channel your efforts towards more useful causes, such as poverty relief or education in Third World countries-- Earth would be a much better place.
Olivia: Your breath smells like marijuana. Again. You know what I've told you about that.
Steve: I don't fucking care, you fucking brat.
O: Look at the time. Five in the morning. You're ruining your life. Heck, you don't even go to school anymore.
S: Leave me alone.
O: Look, I'm saying this because I'm your sister and I care about you. (Olivia starts crying.) You can still stop this, with help. Please, Steve.
S: (screaming now) Shut the fuck up!
(Dad is alerted.)
Dad: (screaming from his room upstairs) Two fucking hours ago you said you'd be home!
S: Whatever. (under his breath) Faggot.
(Dad comes down and takes in son warily)
D: Get your act together, I'm going to sleep. (He pauses then speaks with icy carefulness) If you steal my car again, I'm calling the police. I won't mention you're my son, because you'll have been disowned.
S: Dad...
(Dad goes into his room and slams door. Steve starts to cry. Olivia puts a hand on his shoulder)
O: You can still get help.
(Steve pulls away and retreats to his room)
#pot #weed #family relationships #drug #drugs #addictive #addictive drug #addicted
by SkylarForever August 31, 2010
Ever notice how most of these entries are written by people who don't even know how to SPELL the drug they're using?
Anyways, marijuana is an extremely stupid drug to be using; it kills your brain cells, rots your teeth, makes your eyes bloodshot, and makes you look like a complete idiot while you're walking in slow-mo "appreciating the beauty" of the gum stuck in the cracks in the sidewalks.
If you really want to be in such a state of amazement and philosophy, why not sit down and THINK; use those brain cells instead of killing them off. No brain cells = no judgment. Who cares if you can think of everything while you're high if you don't have enough brain cells to be able to think anything INTELLIGENT?
Sure, sure; alcohol is bad, so is smoking, blah blah. No duh, people have been fighting against those for years as well as your "herb."
Overall, I'd rather be sitting on my porch with a dignified cigarette than "chilin in ma ma's baismint smellin' liek a stabel n takin a trip threw da univurse."
Marijuana smoker: umg im liek so hi i cnt evin tiep lollll. zomg wtf wuz dat? olol it wuz jus mi homie xDDdddd umg so war shud wee hung ot ltr/ u shud tri sum o dis its insain n ino ur mi lttl sista bt u ned 2 expeerins dis stf urly yno///?
#idiots #smokers #hash #mary jane #brain cells #marijuana #braindead
by -.-' November 06, 2008
One of the reasons why southern California is such a shithole. It is a gateway drug, dont believe a stoner telling you it isnt.

Can cause amotivational syndrome in a lot of people who smoke a lot. You may ignore the social ladder, but it wont ignore you.

It hinders your memory. (during and after useage)

An overrated drug that is cool to do when you are in your early 20s for experimentation purposes, but should hope to not be doing by the time you have children. Less than 1% of the population smokes it for a reason. It does cause emphysema if used chronically.

It doesnt kill you, but there are many more things in life that it may prevent you from exploring.

Most people shouldnt be doing drugs unless they are experimenting or need them for medical purposes. Possession charge on your record is not worth it. It is illegal and most likely will be for your lifetime.

It is not JUST economics. There are good reasons why it is regulated WORLDWIDE.

Leave it subculture. Learn to enjoy life with some exercise, protected sex, coffee, and an occasional alcoholic beverage. It isnt so bad. People arent perfect and marijuana isnt going to fix the problems of society (neither is lsd...although dont we all wish).

Dude 1: Yo friend everybody should smoke marijuana and wed all barter and live happily as one love.

Friend 1: No dude I dont think so.

Dude 1: You're a hater.

Friend 2: No dude, you are high and incapable of making great decisions. Maybe you should try some coke and see where that gets you.

#marijuana #drug #lsd #hippie #candy flipping #cocaine #pot
by sindelisuous March 05, 2009
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