An illegal drug that turns people into douchebags that do nothing except complain about how they want it legal and about how they think it is "the cure for the world's problem". Users also try to find something bad about those against it.

Dude 2: If it wasn't, why won't you quit/


Dude 2: Why did you go through the trouble to figure that out just to protect an illegal drug?

Dude 1: $@^* OFF!
by BenderRoblox May 05, 2010
Why is marijuana against the law? It grows naturally on our planet. How can you make nature against the fucking law?
I think making nature against the law is slightly paranoid. It serves a thousand different functions all over the world, all of them positive, and it has never had any fatalities to account for. And no, pot does not make you unmotivated. Whilst high, you can do everyone that you would usually do, you just realise its not worth the effort.
'Sure, I could get up at dawn and go to a job that i hate and that does not inspire me creatively whatsoever for the rest of my fuckin life. 'Or i could get up at noon, and learn to play the sitar.'
by BadLieutenant August 12, 2004
Get real. These are terms applied by the *Powers that Be* to describe the cannabis plant, of any type, including Hemp. If we would all start using the correct name for it, maybe we could separate it from the Bull being spouted by the people in charge of protecting us from enjoying ourselves. The mere fact that this word is still used, should show everyone how deeply the misinformation the government has been embedded into our minds. The stigma and the hate surrounding this plant has also been driven as deep as racism. The worst side effect I have ever experienced from this wonderful plant, has been the Law and Police. This too, is the reason for the incredible PARANOIA that overcomes some users, when they are merely trying to relax. Or maybe using it to restore the balance in the human body.

Author Martin Booth notes that this etymology was popularized by Harry J. Anslinger in the 1930s, during his campaigns against the drug.
Marihuana - The Assassin of Youth!
Marijuana - The Demon Weed.
by ThisIs Insane June 10, 2013
If your planning to skim over my definition, basicly what i'm trying to say is that Marijuana isn't addictive at first and it is probobly about as dangerous as tobacco.

To start, I want to say that America hates Marijuana and having no personal experiance with weed, some of my facts might be flawed. I studied it out of curiosity and tried to ignore all of the bias information and this is some of the most controversial information that I learned:

Marijuana most likely not initially addictive. Like sex, it can be pleasent, and is often considered addictive. After a while your body begins to associate being high as normal so it will send signals requesting more. It is a fact that tobacco is more addictive although possibly less dangerous. This is not proven though. One reason this is believed is because Marijuana is often laced in a stronger, more addictive drug to keep the clients getting more from the dealer. That is a probable reason that many addicts move on to stronger drugs.
That is all I have to say. I'm not necessarily saying that i'm pro Marijuana leagalization, but I do belive that it would be less shady and less likely to be laced with another drug. If you found my definition to be at all helpful, please give me a thumbs up. : )
by StatNerd May 05, 2010
marijuana ciggys are natural, unlike tobacco ciggys, which have tar and rat poison added to them.
marijuana:it grows outta the ground and is natural.
tobacco:grow outta the ground and a bunch of s**t is added to it
Marijuana:If it grows outta the ground its good for you.
by don't give a f**k March 31, 2009
Oh my god. Oh my god. Marijuana gave me super powers, made me the president and it's only noon! Now it's time to get up, stop dreaming, and smoke a bowl. Oh my god. Oh my god. Marijuana. Yea. Smoke weed every day.
Marijuana made my cat stare at me like she knew my secrets
by SKGiswhoibe August 17, 2011
marijuana marijuana marijuana god damn i love marijuana - it get you high! and we all know thats whats life is all about! exclamation
"Smokeylagrieta i found your marijuana," "shut the fuck up bitch"
by smokeylagrita December 16, 2003
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