God's gift to mankind

And God saith "let there be happiness," and there was marijuana

This marijuana smells like death but the lilac makes me want to keep smelling it.
by Lol chillen July 29, 2014
is a plant that contains thc (among other chemicals) which is used recreationally or medicinally for health and or buzz. This plant can be used for oil, clothing material, fuel, plastics, paper, rope and all sorts of practical and impractical reasons. Colorado and Washington state have legalized marijuana for recreational purposes which took place, after a vote, in 2013. It is still federally illegal in those two states.
Marijuana is legal for recreational use in Washington and Colorado (states).
by DanDad1970 May 13, 2014
the best thing since sliced bread
dude this marijuana is AMAZING!
by nazikillla445 February 05, 2011
The flower of love. Brings relaxation, new thought processes, and a general feeling of happiness when used wisely. Also gives a really cool body high.
Before I started to smoke weed I was so tightly wound, but now I'm laid back and chill. Yay marijuana!
by eyesmokechronic April 18, 2009
the greatest thing on the planet
holy fuck if you don't know what marijuana is get the fuck off the internet
by always take a hojoe to go August 12, 2015
The shit you get lit to.
"Oh you got bud (marijuana), we lit"
by MEECHISDEAD June 11, 2015
The shit you get lit to.
"Oh you got bud (marijuana), we lit"
by MEECHISDEAD June 11, 2015
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