Marijuana is the flower off of the cannabis plant. Not a drug, drugs are bad. Leagalize it. (in Canada perferrably)
Marijuana is gods remedy for hatred:

If the whole world smoked a joint at the same time, There would be world peace for atleast two hours. Fowllowed by a global food shortage. Say No to drugs! Then again, if your talking to drugs, you're probably already on drugs.
by Tristan For The Win February 03, 2015
A remarkably non-toxic substance used to explore an alternate consciousness. in other words, it's not so much about "getting high" as it is about seeing the importance in the normally mundane, and being able to make connections and notice more than you ever thought possible. Picture your mind as a half opened eye, marijuana opens that eye fully, if only for a limited time. No it will not kill you, and no it is not a gateway drug. let's apply the gateway drug to something else, shall we? would you say that masturbation leads to the act of rape? would you say that riding a tricycle when you are young leads to joining a motorcycle gang? it seems absurd when the gateway drug "logic" is applied to other situations.
Responsible user number 1: care for some marijuana
Responsible user number 2: Oh no thanks, I have work to do today, but some other time definitely.


Responsible user number 1: care for some marijuana?
Responsible user number 2: Well, I have nothing that needs to be taken care of today, lets toke up.
by straightfire December 27, 2011
A drug which can be used in 3 ways:

1-To forget about problems and escape reality

2-To simply party

3-To burst open your mind and allow you to understand yourself and the world around you in a radically different light

Obviously, marijuana can be abused; but this is no different than caffeine or gambling or any countless number of habit-forming substances and behaviours. Addiction is not exclusive to weed. It exists everywhere, and weed is a far less dangerous drug than alcohol or tobacco. Weed can have problematic effects in the long run. but it should not be grouped with more fully destructive drugs like heroin, meth, or cocaine.

For people who have never tried the bud, and associate it only with drop-outs and losers, they should do a little research and explore the culture of cannabis a little more. Countless weed smokers have found untold success in life even with a history of drug use. Weed can be destructive or incredibly and positively life-changing. Don't be fooled by the swarms of half-truths and propaganda which fly from the mouths of anti-weed activists; if marijuana hits you the right way, it can allow for profound understanding of music, art, film, people, life, the soul...whatever you want. (It can also be very habit forming).

Try a little, but understand that if you smoke enough you could change yourself forever, mellow you out, make you appreciate life more fully, make you think more...or fuck up your lungs or mind forever

In an case...smoke up.
Marijuana Smoker 1: Woah I can forget about my drinking problem, multiple DUIs, assault record, meth habit, and the giant tigar that lives in my basement maaaan

Marijuana Smoker 2: (Giggles incoherently) lolz

Marijuana Smoker 3: Wow man...I understand the meaning of life. Let's pack another blunt.

by somerandomguy432 January 09, 2011
If you really had to look this up on urban dictionary to figure out what it meant you really need to get out more
by aorbtnely July 22, 2010
A term borrowed from the Mexican slang word "marihuana" (with silent "h" and originally meaning "a badly rolled cigarette" before becoming more widely applied to female cannabis flowers cured for smoking), popularized in the U.S. by early 20th century news media. Its purpose was to exploit the widespread racist sentiment in the U.S. while distracting people from the fact that "marijuana" was actually the same as cannabis, a fundamentally important crop -- to the end of facilitating cannabis prohibition.
"Marijuana is bad because it's illegal; and illegal because it's bad."
by My Brother Man December 05, 2008
a question you want to smoke weed now. Mari - doyouwanna? mari-juana?
hey, mari-juana?

yeah, I've got my stash right here.
by Amy Stevens December 22, 2004
Weed Reffer Marijuana Herb. Down here we call it that "WOOD"

South Georgia you ain't heard.

Legion of Dank- Shouts to Arni Kit Qazra Herbal Ghost Evil... MIKEY YOUR IN A DICTIONARY!!!
TuPac ain't dead he is stuck in my head.
With the THC.Smoking "WOOD" SIPPING hENNESey!!!
by Qazra Dank June 22, 2004
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