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the most amazing thing in the world. my new best friend :)
I smoked some marijuana and then continued on with the BEST night of my life.
by Sara <3 February 20, 2007
spanish for mary jane.... that makes sense!
namers of marijuana (ofcourse smoking it): hey lets name this mary jane!
by pinkpolkadot July 22, 2005
Mr Mackeys favorite word.
"Marijuana is bad mmm....kay?"
Marijuana grown from the cannabis sativa plant Active ingrediant THC also know as delta-9-tetra-hydrocannabinol
Marijuana is a hell of a drug
by Dscaff March 08, 2006
the coolest thing ever; a green plant; a plant you smoke
man this marijuana is the best. lets smoke more man!
by man of the hour November 07, 2002
The most misunderstood plant on the planet
Person One: That marijuana stuff is so bad for you. It causes cancer and kills you and....
Person Two: Shut up.
by Random Wandering Person September 13, 2009
Something that most people on the internet claim to love, yet the majority of them have probably never used it. And even those who actually have, probably only smoke it occasionally while claiming to smoke it daily. It does not take a special kind of person to smoke it, nor does it make you a special kind of person for smoking it. It does not make you a gangster, hippie, revolutionary, etc., only your beliefs do. If you do happen to smoke it, it's just a minor detail.
Saying you smoke marijuana doesn't make you any more interesting than it does to say you breathe oxygen. Whether you do smoke it or you don't, it's not a big deal in any way.
by Nerd Please May 27, 2009