spanish for mary jane.... that makes sense!
namers of marijuana (ofcourse smoking it): hey lets name this mary jane!
by pinkpolkadot July 22, 2005
Would bring about world peace if mandated one toke a day worldwide. Einstein was smoking it when he discovered relativity, and that's a fact buy his memoirs it's in there. It's a shame it's illegal, the only reason is because it is the most common drug, basically a cash cow for the courts.

Also, "marijuana" is a racist term, it's not Spanish ("mota" is the term for pot). It's xenophobic to call it this and if you want to sound the least bit educated call it "Cannabis"
"Einstein smoked marijuana and destroyed Newton's classical theory of mechanics, yet somehow if you smoke it people call you stupid"

"What do Salvador Dali, Van Gogh, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, Einstein, and Kurt Vonnegut all have in common?"
"They were all geniuses?"
"well, yea, but they all loved marijuana too"
by EisMCsquared February 15, 2010
1. A substance on which everyone feels obligated to share his or her opinion

2. A substance which everyone at my high school smokes and talks about at great, great, GREAT length. Seriously.
I personally conduct research on marijuana using legitimate sources, though i do of course appreciate the opinions of the dear users of urbandictionary
by uhhhh someone exciting June 11, 2009
Mr Mackeys favorite word.
"Marijuana is bad mmm....kay?"
Marijuana grown from the cannabis sativa plant Active ingrediant THC also know as delta-9-tetra-hydrocannabinol
Marijuana is a hell of a drug
by Dscaff March 08, 2006
the coolest thing ever; a green plant; a plant you smoke
man this marijuana is the best. lets smoke more man!
by man of the hour November 07, 2002
The most misunderstood plant on the planet
Person One: That marijuana stuff is so bad for you. It causes cancer and kills you and....
Person Two: Shut up.
by Random Wandering Person September 13, 2009

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