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Maries are one of the best friends ever, so if you have one, keep her close because she will rock your world! She is extremely nice, honest, trustworthy, and just pretty damn cool. Maries tend to be kind of awkward at times, which gives her that unique quirkiness that just puts a smile on your face and love her even more. Maries know when to be calm and trustworthy and know when to be fun and outrageous. She is cool to hang around during the day, but when it turns to night she is let loose and Maries can turn completely WILD! Maries are so intelligent and smart it's unbelievable, and she loves her books, reading 24/7. Maries are tall and have an amazing body and a beautiful face. Her eyes twinkle and her nose crinkles up when she smiles and her hair shines in the sunlight, making her basically irresistible.

"Who's that girl who's always reading in the corner?"

"Dude... that's Marie! Don't you know?"

"Wow... she's so smart but can look so hot at the same time!"

"I would do anything to be like Marie... I wish I could be so popular and loved by everyone like she is!"
by Mama Grinch July 29, 2012
226 94
Marie is a beautiful, loving, sexy creature that hates anything with the name thomas and refuses to have intercoarse with anyone that has that name. aka thomas
Marie doesnt have intercoarse with people of the name thomas...
by uramut March 17, 2009
519 425
Marie, the Hebrew meaning bitter. But the Hebrew got it wrong! Marie is the utterly most amazing girl ever to walk this earth! Marie is the girl you think you know but really have no idea about. Marie is very beautiful and amazingly talented (if you catch my drift ;P) if you ever get a Marie don't let her go!
She is very unpredictable and is up for a laugh.
Guy: OMG, is that Marie?!
Girl: OMG, yeah i heard she shat in Stevie Wonder's eyes, thats why he's blind!
Guy: DUDE, NO-W-A-Y!
by awesome-o-meter March 05, 2012
147 87
an aqueous cocktail consisting of exactly one lemon slice, one lime slice, and one to two candied cherries. Just add water. Thirst queching yet colorful.
Waiter: hello ladies what can I get you to drink today? Girl: Um... this is going to sound kinda wierd, but could I get a Marie?
by Marieezy April 13, 2007
183 157
She will rock your cotton socks off! She will woo you with her ravishing laugh and cute button bottom. She may look innocent but she is actually a sexual deviant. She prefers men of the chocolate frap colour. She also loves her men with large bushy eyebrows. Marie is always up for a good time ;)
I tried to get with marie last night cause rocked my socks off! She really did woo me with her ravishing laugh and cute button bottom. However, she rejected me because I was not a chic frap colour and didn't have bushy eyebrows.
by MaweeCockz August 21, 2012
18 22