defined with dark brown hair/black. Black/brown/gray eyes. Doesnt like drama. Good dancer(talented). Really good in bed. Has a natural beauty look. May be bitchy at times.
Guy one: Dayum ill pay you, Maricar

Guy two: Your beautiful, im speechless.....

Guy three: WowW Maricar!
by dayummmm- May 28, 2010
Top Definition
maricar a part of a very very very long name. half filipino half chinese half spanish.
dayum nigguh dat bitch is a maricar!
by fuckieme March 03, 2009
A beautiful girl who's very attractive and lucky to have natural beauty in/out. Kind of a exotic name for a girl. She doesnt care what other people say. She just goes for it no matter what. Very good in Bed, & very sexy.
I hope it's Maricar!
by tooreallike us July 21, 2010
Unknown name all over the world. Philippines name for a beautiful girl. Will likely get famous & the name will be common.
g1- who is that?
g2- oh that's Maricar
g1- like that name already :]
by Whoeversheis July 05, 2011
define as a girl with natural beauty. Dark brownish/black hair. Attractive body, nice curves, good at bed. Shy at first but wild when you know a true Maricar.
Hook me up with Maricar, like WOOO!
by boyyyyyy2fly2 May 28, 2010
Crazy fuckinqqqqqq mofuckin filipino name
Wild, bitchy, slutty, gorgeous, attractive no matter what.

Lucky guys for her from letters M-V
Guy: hook me up with that girl (;

girl: i aint hookin yah up with her, she my friend. Dont be going out with her and breakin her heart. Fuck out smd.

Guy: get down to yah knees, Imma get Maricar.
by Freshhh Boy May 27, 2010
a short, funny farter that drinks good coffee
dude #1: what do you want to do today?

Dude#2: let's get some maricar
by candygirrl October 27, 2008
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