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Crazy fuckinqqqqqq mofuckin filipino name
Wild, bitchy, slutty, gorgeous, attractive no matter what.

Lucky guys for her from letters M-V
Guy: hook me up with that girl (;

girl: i aint hookin yah up with her, she my friend. Dont be going out with her and breakin her heart. Fuck out smd.

Guy: get down to yah knees, Imma get Maricar.
by Freshhh Boy May 27, 2010
maricar a part of a very very very long name. half filipino half chinese half spanish.
dayum nigguh dat bitch is a maricar!
by fuckieme March 03, 2009
A beautiful girl who's very attractive and lucky to have natural beauty in/out. Kind of a exotic name for a girl. She doesnt care what other people say. She just goes for it no matter what. Very good in Bed, & very sexy.
I hope it's Maricar!
by tooreallike us July 21, 2010
defined with dark brown hair/black. Black/brown/gray eyes. Doesnt like drama. Good dancer(talented). Really good in bed. Has a natural beauty look. May be bitchy at times.
Guy one: Dayum ill pay you, Maricar

Guy two: Your beautiful, im speechless.....

Guy three: WowW Maricar!
by dayummmm- May 28, 2010
Unknown name all over the world. Philippines name for a beautiful girl. Will likely get famous & the name will be common.
g1- who is that?
g2- oh that's Maricar
g1- like that name already :]
by Whoeversheis July 05, 2011
define as a girl with natural beauty. Dark brownish/black hair. Attractive body, nice curves, good at bed. Shy at first but wild when you know a true Maricar.
Hook me up with Maricar, like WOOO!
by boyyyyyy2fly2 May 28, 2010
a short, funny farter that drinks good coffee
dude #1: what do you want to do today?

Dude#2: let's get some maricar
by candygirrl October 27, 2008