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Spanish word for "gay", "queer" ... homosexual in a despective way. More despective would be MARIQUITA or MARICON.
"Ese tio es un marica" -- That guy is a queer
by Werbitx666 September 12, 2006
In Spanish (Colombia) it could mean:

1). Homosexual, gay
2). Dude, friend
3). Dumb, foolish
1). —Hey, where are you going to get the haircut?

—At the marica's salon, of course!

"Look at that marica! He's so funny"

2). "Marica, I need to tell you something!"

3). "What a marica, LOL!"
by davismar98 August 03, 2016
a synonym for pretty and little.
happy, princess, adorable, girl

known as a legend princess in the city of gentle people and was born from the city of smiles. moody yet harmless.
Alyssa Ejera is a marica girl (little girl)
by secretow May 12, 2009
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