1.a awsome friend to laugh with and to talk on the fone with
marianna k is a cool person and her name is marianna
by jo January 25, 2005
Top Definition
Marianna is a totally hot babe! she really lights my fire. see sexy, booty, legs,
wow you are almost as hot as marianna.
by William February 03, 2005
A person that spreads rumors for no unlikely reason to entertain themselves
oh my gosh darionna likes AJ and want to suck his d**k that means the person who said it is being a marianna
by 1Kk2244 December 09, 2015
One who enjoys the activity of burning ants.
Look at that freak burning ants with a lighter." "She must be a Marianna.
by KaryHilzon August 07, 2011
Gorgeous, amazing, sexy, hott, wanted, good kisser, graceful. Mariannas are usually fairly tall and have brown hair and tanned skin. Many girls envy her and wish to become her, while Guys want her, but won't admit it to her. Mariannas are usually very down to earth and have a slight country accent. Mariannas often seem untouchable, and can do anything they set their mind to. Mariannas are great dancers, and make the best friends you can find. Mariannas make great girlfriends and even better wives. Marianna is a popular name amoung mermaids. Mariannas have amazing hair and nice, toned legs. Mariannas are perfect in every way, so get to know a Marianna
"That girl is so fine, she must be a Marianna!" "Marianna is so damn sexy!". Braxton: "I wish I could date a girl like Marianna." Callie: "Gross, I hate that Marianna!" "She is so sweet, she must be a Marianna.".
by Davis1982 July 05, 2011
The sexiest person alive, shes probably a cheerleader, she is so nice, pretty, cute, HOT, an amazing friend, some one you can talk on the phone for hours with and not get tired of her, shes the life of a party she can turn a boring room in to an amazing party! she doesnt care what people think of her and can always make you laugh when your feeling down!
When someone is crying marianna is always right there trying to make them smile and laugh and to make them have a better day !
by 123456789<3 November 24, 2011
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