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Plural: margaux

A term used to describe any number of sexy French females. Usually a petite brunette.

See also: pretty pretty bazooka, Ass bouquet, peach, Caute
*French foreign exchange student walks by*

Guy 1: Holy shit! Did you see her?
Guy 2: A margaux for sure.
by pyro1337 May 04, 2007
Margaux is a beautiful name for a beautiful girl. She is fun loving and knows the right time to crack a joke. Margaux's are great friends and great sisters. You would be an idiot not to love a Margaux.
What a girl, yup she is a Margaux
by Craxywithanx December 19, 2011
An amazing caring friend who is really awesome.
I'm so glad I'm roommates with Margaux!
by imsojazzed December 02, 2011
A Margaux is a beautiful poet, who is always deep in her thoughts. She likes to have fun, but is also pre occupied with what's in her mind. She is a great partner who is thoughtful and a great listener. It is a plus to know a Margaux.
Person 1: hey who wrote this great poem? It's brilliant!
Person 2: I'm not sure, it was probably Margaux.
by RealPoet January 01, 2014
A bossy girl that everyone knows. Very Pretty and usually french. Always attracted to multiple guys and can often be slutty. Lots of girls don't like Margaux because they are jealous but some do because she can be nice but still bossy.
Shaun:Hey do you know Margaux?

Ellie:YAH! who doesn't she's so popular and pretty!
by rawrr123 September 05, 2011
A female who is very caring, and is typically tan. She loves to talk and low key fuck. She loves light skin guys.
Hey did you see Margaux today, she looks so fine.
by Ohhhhhhyeahhhhhh May 15, 2016
A hot sexy petite brunette - also a good-ass writer and affiliated to good French wine. See Margaux Hemingway
Damn I'b bang Margaux on spot
by Cataclute November 01, 2014
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