Common mistake thinking mardi gras is only at bourbon street when it is not. It is mostly located on st. charles where everyone gets wasted and smokes pot. It is not just in the French Quarter! ONLY IN NEW ORLEANS!!!
I smoked weed over Mardi Gras vacation.
by popabitch February 23, 2005
An overdone tourist-trap of a holiday. Mardi Gras merchandise is sold all year round in N'awlans. Makes me sick.
Lets go buy Mardi Gras beads in June!!!
by Lumpkin June 24, 2005
a pagan holiday that's probably the origin of the first gay pride parade

it's like a gay pride parade/burning man festival/girl's gone wild anal-sex/cunnilingus parade
has something or other to do with Catholicism etc.
by it's very [Old Europe] February 08, 2005
A lame justification to get hammered. A holiday that has its origin in Christianity, but has since been defiled by scum who think they can drink and fuck all they want.
Only insolent idiots celebrate Mardi Gras.
by dmoney March 01, 2004
Fat Tuesday, the day before Lent.

A term for the festival held in rio de jenairo

A street parade for gay men and women
"We're going to the Mardi Gras, baby"
by mofo February 29, 2004
A really terrible mood, extremely angry or upset
Don't go near Steve, someone pranged his car in Tesco's car park and he's in a mardi gras!
by kd05 November 03, 2005
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