turd: corruption/Anglicization of French merde.
The mards fell from the politician's mouth.
by Johnny B Baade September 03, 2008
Top Definition
spoiled, sulky, sullen. Having a tantrum, being difficult.

Was widely used in the Manchester area.
Always assumed it's a corruption of "marred" (or "mar'd" or "marr'd" as Shakespeare wrote it). See also mardy, mardarse and mardy-pants. Compare with nesh.
Don't be so mard, our Bill- just eat it.

He's being a bit mard today.
by ChickPea57 January 06, 2010
a person who is generally a drip.
someone who goes home and cries to his mum when you steal his ball
by februus November 24, 2003
to be annoyed or pissed off, to be having a cob
peter's having a right mard isn't he!
by Tom Wills May 21, 2004
Person 1: "I want some food but its dark downstairs"
Person 2: "Go and get some, don't be so mard"
by lh661661 May 30, 2013
A very handsome and strong man who is frequently urinates and plays sports.
He is very enteraining and can put on a peculiar show.
Man, that guy is such a mar-d!
by 1800 klee August 26, 2008
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