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The male genitalia. More specifically the scrotum.
Dude! You hit me right in the marble bag.
by Erik Aguilar January 28, 2004
59 39
Speedo bathing suit.
Kevin, at the pool: Hey what's that clacking noise?
Mark, puffing out his chest: That's my marble bag. Check it out.
Kevin, cupping: Not bad, not bad.
Mark, jumping back: Hey! Look, but no touch!
Kevin: I've held better.
by Pantaloon February 09, 2008
158 23
is ones scrotum
must go to the doctor to get this lump checked out on my marble bag
by sanders October 02, 2003
0 0
a pair underwear the only supports you balls
man that guys wang isnt in his underwear
by kumar January 11, 2005
15 48