Having sex more than 3 times in one night. Each time lasting more than an hour.
Last night me and my boyfriend had marathon sex, we didn't go to sleep until 6 this morning!
by Hannahboo32 October 14, 2007
Top Definition
Sex that continues for hours per session, punctuated by winded intermissions wherein the parties involved sweatily seek to restore the normal oxygen-carbon dioxide mix in their blood; Sex that burns as many calories as a marathon.
Our marathon sex session came to an end when both of us were simply too tired to continue.
by howe March 24, 2005
Sex that lasts over an hour, with continued intent; if only an hour and a half or so, partners may only be distracted during sex. During 'marathon sex,' as opposed to marathons, small breaks are sometimes taken, akin to stretches during exercise, which is part of what the 'marathon' is... exercise, for both partners, in every case, though! For it to last so long, mutual exercising, and most especially pleasure, throughout the entire event, are both prime requisites.
When we're going to have more than a few hours alone, it's always nice to make sure a good bit of marathon sex is part of that time.
by FlyinMonki82 January 18, 2016
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