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when any sexual couple has intercourse on a bike, while swimming, while running 26.2 miles and jumping out of n airplane. the receiving partner then takes a dump while falling from the sky!
I am so tired,I just ran a marathon man!
by Da' Hamma December 01, 2003
a prick who takes a whole hour outside of foreplay to bust a nut while u slowly chafe to death.
Many men are also marathon men.
by keema August 27, 2003
The nickname given to the best college basketball team in the nation: the 2009 Syracuse Orange after their 6 overtime victory against UCONN
"Did you see those marathon men out on the court last night?"
"I know! I was up until 2 in the morning watching them. I thought Devendorf won it at the end of regulation!"
by SUgirl2918 July 21, 2009