the game that ex-runescape players play when they get tired of runescape. its that much better...
"do you play runescape?"

"not any more, maplestory is way better. i remember playing runescape. it sucked badly."
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by notaznbutmexi-Can March 18, 2009
A MMORPG where there are 11 "worlds":Galacia,Scandia,Bera,Broa,Windia,Khaini,Bellocan
Mardia,Kradia,Yellonde,and,Dementhos, in these worlds you have different channels where you can go into, some with more people than others.Each world has from 14 to 19 channels.There are many versions of maplestory:JMS,EMS,GMS,MSEA,and KMS.In some versions though, they have different worlds with different names,such as in MSEA,they have a world called Delpinus.
You may play and train on monsters until lvl 10 to become either a:Thief,Magician,Pirate,Bowman,Warrior,and or Beginner.Other classes such as Aran or Cyngus Knights, Have different things.Such as that Cyngus Knights have a max lvl of only 120.These are the first job classes.(not

including Aran and Cyngus Knights)There are 3 more jobs after the first job.Except in EMS where there are only two right now.Once at lvl 30 you get to 2nd job,Lvl 70 for third job, and 120 for fourth job.Maplestory was made by Wizet and published by Nexon on April 29,2003 in South Korea.
Currently Maplestory has an estimated of over one billion players.Over two billion characters, and around one point five billion accounts.So far there is only one lvl 200 beginner right now in JMS.Someday maybe YOU will have a lvl 200 beginner.
I finally got to level 200 as a warrior on Maplestory,WOOT!
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by pikadvanced March 01, 2010
A game by Nexon. It's a 2-D game that has cute graphics which stupid emo sluts find adorable. Ridiculously repetitive and chock full of lame enemies and attack skills. Its' really gay game and a waste of time which tends to ruin the player's social lives, assuming they had a social life to begin with. Players usually end up being hackers and cheaters by their second job advancement. The game is supposed to be free but everyone will end up spending money for Nexon cash or mesos eventually. All females that play this game have uni-brows,hairy legs and sound like men when they speak. Most female players are actually men anyway XD. If you are playing the game QUIT NOW for the sake of humanity. Hackers unite and burn Nexon down to the ground.
Major words and sentences used amongst the players. Maple Story

"noob" "fag" "lbbi" "pwned" "1337"
"I wish i know wat a vag looks like"
"nub" "hacker" "wtf" "stfu u fuckin fuck noob" "burn in hell u stupid piece of shit noob" "goddam all noobs to the fiery hell that is my hairy vag" "wat are boobs??" "gimme money" "suck my meso dry slut" "uber pwnage" "fuck zakum, fuck snails, and fuck goddam all u stupid sons of bitches that hacked my goddamn file."
"S> myself for 20mil, scrolljobs 3mil, lbbijobs 16mil@@@@@@@@@@@" "i luv bleach and deathnote and I'm a weabboo."

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by nessbat111 August 16, 2008
A free and legal drug that's more addicting than crack. Once you're hooked, you'll want more and more, and you will become sleep deprived with no social life. Some even go so far as to steal their parents' credit cards to buy pixelated clothes and accessories. Don't let the innocent and cute looking mushroom fool you. The first time you see it, you will laugh, but once you're in to it, it will be serious business.
What kind of a childish game is this?.. Maplestory? ahaha looks like a kid for babies *few days later*

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by silvereyezz July 10, 2012
Maple Story is a 2D game which consists mainly of 13-year old boys who will never get laid and 50 year old perverted men who think is so awesome to call people "noobs" and "f@gs"(Maple Story doesn't allow fag to show up.) The game is retarded because the main objective of the game is to beat the living shit out of snails. WTF!!
Desperate Player:PAYING 200 MESOS FOR S EX!!
girliethief(who's really a guy):I'll give you s ex
Desperate Player:Ok

*trading scroll opens*

Desperate player:Ok give me s ex now plz

*girliethief runs


This is one example of desperate little shits in Maple Story
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by Ihavenoballs123 December 12, 2009
A highly addictive mmorpg that started with BETA in 2004 and was released towards the end of 2005. Even right now, there are hundreds of thousands of players. Probably even millions. This game is popular amongst different age groups and people of maturity level. It is extremely addictive and repetitive, yet fun.

You start as a beginner, citizen, and such. Then you can choose many different jobs, including new ones that were added like Wild Hunter, Battle Mage and Mechanics.. The game was once tedious due to difficulty and time wasted in leveling up, but it was improved. Imagine how the people who worked their asses off got to level 200 in the past and found out it is easier to level now?

MapleStory seems to be the only game that seems truly free and all benefits and advantages in their cash shop are time limited which makes the game fair to "free" players. Unfortunately, the game also has numerous jerks, morons, hackers and kill-stealers. This game has potential, and can be fun, but the community and hackers may turn you away. It sure did for me!

MOST people in this game can't share and think they own an entire map for themselves. There are only 20 channels and probably 13,000 people wanting to train in the same place. This game is like virtual drama all day, everyday.
*Person 1 is killing Twisted Jesters in MapleStory until Person 2 came along.*

Person 2: Yo, this is my map. cc plzzz before I ks you
Person 1: If I keep ccing for everyone, then where would I go?
Person 2: i dunno but if you stay I will ks u


*102 people are in the free market in channel 1 and someone disconnected everyone from the game and it's been going on for days without stopping*


*You just logged on into a map that you were in previously that is highly populated*

Stranger: cc plzzzzzz i was here first


*You are killing monsters and someone shows up on the map and wasn't happy you were already there. S/he claims you were ksing, so they call a high level friend to come bully you*
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by Bubbles665 January 31, 2011
The polar opposite of RuneScape. It is an MMORPG that you will have fun playing, then stop for whatever reason and never want to play again. On the contrary, RuneScape is a game that isn't really fun to play but you'll always come back to it when you're bored.
A: "Hey, wanna go do something productive with our lives?"
B: "Nah, playing MapleStory."
A: "KK, I'll ask again in a month"
B: "Sure thing, I'll probably be tired of stabbing tree stumps with butter knives by then."
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by Eclair Blanc June 06, 2010
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