Of Polynesian decent from New Zealand and the Cook Islands. New Zealand Maoris are always considered the WARIOR race and very proud people. Wiped out the ORRIGINAL SETTLERS of NEW ZEALAND known as the MORI ORIES. Amazing singers yet only know a few cords on the guitar. Most Maoris define themselves by their TRIBE, the biggest being Mount Eden O Tamaki makautau. A common feature of a New Zealand Maori is a runny nose, big lips and big shoulders. The Cook Islands Maori are a little more quiet and not so violent as their NZ Maori cousins. Each of its 15 islands have a slight difference in its language to eachother. Woman are known for their fast dancing and great welcomers to outsiders. The mean shake their knees in dance yet depending on the island can also have a small violent streak. Cook Island Maoris came from Tahiti and all 3 peoples share very common ground in language only. A common feature of a Cook Island Maori is being black, big shoulders, big lips and fat, wide feet.
far out Hemi can sing. true but he can only play those 3 cords on the guitar

6 feet tall, black hair, medium to large build, big lips and is Maori was seen fleeing a bank robbery.

Kia Orana and welcome to Aitutaki, how can I do you?
by kieran51 November 10, 2010
Brown skinned people who rowed on wakas to new zealand.They encountered the moriori who were the native race to new zealnd at the time. The maori people eradicated the moriori and conquered the lands, nothing dissimilar to what the europeans were doing all over the World. The europeans arrived. War started then the europeans decided to trick the maori into a truce and sign a treaty to stop the war.
the injustices of this treaty at the time have somewhat backfired. All pakeha are paying for their ancestors rule. It is justice for all the early settlers lying, deceit and thievery.
Maori people were sold as slaves, beaten if they spoke maori, segregated from society, forced to follow the white people way and laws. They maori race was oppressed.
Since the opening of waikato university the maori people have become well educated and adapted to society, it seems quite ironic that the pakeha people are now the ones who aren't coping in society. They generalize that all maori are dumb, always pull the 10% of population is maori and 90% of prison inmates are maori when in fact, there are no more full blooded maoris left, they all have european blood, so technically there are over 90% pakeha in jail.

Maori - a race who returned to their roots and embraced their culture to overcome oppression.
Pakeha: yous think you own this land.. There were people here before you... They own it, not you!

Maori: yep bro, but my ancestors ate them, theres no more left, so now this land is OURS!!
by Educated savage June 08, 2012
* A person who originates from Polynesia, and settled in New Zealand before the Medieval ages.

* A New Zealander

I believe this definition has been hit by the national front, or some bored helpless cases. I have some sense.
NZ teacher: " Where did maori culture originate?"
Kid: "In New Zealand, dumbass!"
by Sip+Suck September 15, 2006
Maori are from Aotearoa or more easily said " New Zealand " ...The people of the land ...tangatawhenua...In 1840 the Treaty Of Waitangi was signed between the British & Most maori tribes...As much as the British thought they out smarted the Maori back then..little did they know that the Maori would evolve and use the Treaty against them by using the very law that was created to work against them...Maori are often blamed for wanting more than the uneducated europeans of New Zealand feel they deserve...read the history and understand it before making outburts against Maori Treaty claims...Maori are only working within the law created like anyone else...European extremists blame Maori for oppressing the country from going forward...Maori righfully blame the government...As it is the govenment that controls the country...Maori are New Zealanders " kiwi's" like anyone else born n breed in this beautiful country..Unfortunately like all cultures Maori too have their own extremists & activists which seem to draw more negative attention to the culture than positive...however, these people do not represent every Maori out there in the world...Maori do unfortunately represent a high percentage of those in prison and on welfare..but we as Maori should not blame anyone other than ourselves for such percentages.....In general Maori are spiritual people. The Maori Battalion is still regarded as one of the most feared battalions to have ever fought in the Worl War...
by Shagsternz1 February 06, 2010
Indigenous, native people of Aotearoa (New Zealand). Always, without a doubt, criticised for everything they say and do by uneducated Europeans in New Zealand (visitors).
I am Maori before I am a "New Zealander"
by kotiroataahua January 26, 2012
New Zealand indigenous race, who migrated here between 900-1100AD. Were amazing warriors and navigators, the 28th Maori Battalion of the World Wars was praised by other countries as one of the best forces in the world. Maori are also credited for the invention of the modern war paradigm of trench warfare, invented during the New Zealand wars.

The main discrepency with Maori and non-Maori of NZ is the issue of the Treaty of Waitangi, which was written in two languages, and both hold differing meanings. The Human Rights Commission states that if such discrepencies exist, the indigenous version is to be deemed the official version. Of course the government ignored this. If you don't know the differences, read the Treaty (there are translations of both versions) and make your own decision. Know also that the single largest demographic on government benefits is white pensioners. Not maori "dole bludgers". Note also maori die younger and receive less treatment than non-maori for things like heart disease. So do not say Maori receive more 'privileges' than pakeha. My Uni fees are the same as everyone else. And for all of you who hate Maori but still do the haka at drunnken parties and wear taonga when you go overseas, you are dishonouring our culture with your two-faced visage.

For those who think we are getting unfair benefits, do some homework and learn the history. Parihaka, Orakei, there are many examples of travesties of justice by the Crown. The Tohunga Suppression Act, The Maori Land Court, shocking acts of injustice. Learn your history.
Foreigner: Hey thats a cool necklace! What does it mean?
Pakeha: I don't know. Its Maori though.
Foreigner: Mean tattoo, what is it?
Pakeha: Um....
Foreigner: Do you do the haka?
Pakeha: Yep! But...I don't know what that means either...
by Te Puoho July 04, 2007
The people who got to New Zealand first; the people who arrived some time before the Europeans sailed in and homogenised yet another culture with a scantily disguised trick; the people who have been in New Zealand long enough to have developed their own culture; the people who have been in New Zealand long enough to lay claim to having a bond with the land; the people who's geneology stretches back in New Zealand terms longer than two or three generations.
To a pakeha...
"The Maori have been here a while, aye. All that way in a couple of canoes. Where's your family from bro?"
"aw, eh, my Grandad's from England / Scotland / The Netherlands / France..."
by Scottish Outsider. October 21, 2008
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